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14 of the Best Hospitals in Jamaica

Hospitals vary in size, costs, availability and services offered. For a specific service you may a particular hospital, so to help you we gather a list of the 14 Best Hospitals operating in St Andrew, Kingston, and other parishes in Jamaica where you can select a suitable Hospital for you. Looking for a particular Hospital? Just ask us, and we'll find it for you.

Andrews Memorial Hospital Ltd

876-926-7401    ⚐ 27 Hope Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

The vision of establishing a hospital in Jamaica became a reality when the Seventh-day Adventist Church purchased Sulgrave Manor, a property with a large dwelling, in 1944. With the financial assistance of then Loma Linda Medical College in the United States (who donated $12,500) the property was purchased and renovations began for Andrews Memorial Hospital (named after J.N. Andrews, the first SDA missionary). The bed capacity at the time was 45. Today, the Andrews Memorial Hospital (AMH) operates a 60-bed facility, complete with a four-room operating suite, intensive care unit, 24-hour accident and emergency unit, outpatient clinic, dental clinic, imaging and laboratory services, pharmacy and more we are dedicated to healing the whole person through quality, patient-focused care. Are you looking for dental services with a difference? We've got you covered!

Andrews Memorial Hospital Ltd. is strategically located in the city of Kingston and offers dental care among other services.

We operate a 75-bed facility by the principles of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Barnett Clinic & Dermatology Cen

876-952-5590    ⚐ Barnett Street Montego Bay St. James

Barnett Clinic is in existence for over 25 years.Strong tradition in Dermatology,Obstetrics& Gynaecology,Paediatric surgery,Paediatrics,General Surgery,ultrasonography and orthopedic.Overnight facilities available.Procedures offered are treatment of skin,hair and nails,hair removal,chemical peels,micro-needling,wart removal and skin tightening.Circumcision of new born babies and adults,hernia repair,surgical procedures in children and adults.

Baywest Wellness Clinic & Hospital

876-615-8375    ⚐ Half Moon Shopping Village Montego Bay St. James

Baywest Wellness Clinic, (BWC) was started in November 2012 with the need to establish a medical centre that provides premier health care, treatment, and prevention of lifestyle related and critical conditions to all at the most impressive rates in Western Jamaica.

Our newest additional location being Baywest Wellness Hospital, as its name implies, is a health and wellness facility located in the tourism belt of Jamaica serving St James and surrounding environs, seeking to provide the best care and treatment to all. We offer a wide range of medical specialties that is coupled with the provision of high quality care by our caring and knowledgeable staff.

Some of the services include:

Labour & Social Security Min of

876-922-8000    ⚐ 14 National Heroes Circle Kingston 4 St. Andrew

See website for details https://www.mlss.gov.jm/

Life Call Ambulance Service Ltd

876-464-8379    ⚐ 1139 Morgan Road Ironshore Montego Bay St. James

Life Call Ambulance Service Ltd has been in operation since November 2007, providing 24 hours Ambulance Care to the Western Region of Jamaica.

Our foundation has been hinged solely on the high demand for our services from various residential and corporate entities including emergency, non-emergency, specialized (adult, paediatric & neonatal) cases.

We provide Ambulance Transportation for the following entities and individuals:

Medical Associates Hospital & Med Cen

876-926-1400    ⚐ 18 Tangerine Place Kingston 10 Jamaica

Medical Associates Hospital is a 50-bed private hospital strategically located in the heart of the Corporate Area, at 18 Tangerine Place in Kingston. The hospital has three entrances one on Ruthven Road, one on Chelsea Avenue and its main entrance, on Half Way Tree Road. It is easily accessible to and from the main airport in Kingston, The Norman Manley International Airport. Medical Associates Hospital and Medical Center was established in 1959 by Dr. J.T Burrowes whose vision was to create the finest private health care facility in Jamaica, offering a wide range of medical services of the highest quality to our patients, with care, compassion and kindness. Throughout the years Medical Associates Hospital has gained a reputation for excellent nursing care, experienced and highly-trained consultants, physicians and surgeons, and forging new pathways in medicine.

Medical Associates Hospital is a First-Class healthcare facility that is proud to have forged long-standing relationships and alliances with over 60companies and corporations in Jamaica, including embassies and consulates, international shipping lines, Security companies, manufacturing plants, and telecommunications

companies, to name a few.

Montego Bay Hospital & Urology Cen

876-952-4511    ⚐ 1 Mount Salem Main Road Montego Bay St. James

Montego Bay Hospital & Urology Centre is one of the leading providers of specialist care in the field of Urology and General Hospital in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Some of the services we offer include:

• In Patient

Nuttall Memorial Hospital

876-926-2139    ⚐ 6 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica

Nuttall Memorial Hospital welcomes all the patients and guests to the healing environment. The Nuttall Memorial Hospital is a 50- bed facility, owned by the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and operated by Nuttall Memorial Hospital Trust Limited. The hospital was built in 1923 to honor the memory of Archbishop Enos Nuttall, who was an outstanding church leader in Jamaica and the West Indies.

The hospital is located in the heart of Cross Roads with excellent parking facilities and easy access from both Old Hope Road and Caledonia Avenue. We pledge to provide the highest quality medical care and to treat all our patients and their families with the dignity and respect they deserve, as we maintain the healing mission and dedication to the delivery of excellence in health care established by the founders of the hospital.

Radiology West Ltd

876-952-9626    ⚐ Lot 6 Crane Boulevard Montego Bay St. James

Radiology West Ltd was established in 1999 as the leading digital diagnostic imaging facility in Montego Bay and even Western Jamaica. Our Mission is to provide compassionate care to our patients, while demonstrating excellence, integrity and teamwork, in an effort to fulfill our VISION to be the premier radiology facility in Jamaica, by providing efficient, and innovative diagnostic imaging of the highest quality.

To ensure patient satisfaction we deliver comprehensive high quality services such as Multi-Slice Computed Tomography (CT) Scans, Fluoroscopy, Radiography, Digital Mammogram, Digital X-Ray, Biopsy and Ultrasound, just to name a few.

There is always a Radiologist on site which suggests that your report is normally ready for collection 2-3 hours after exams are completed before 3:00 p.m. If completed after 3:00 p.m. your report will be ready after 9:00 a.m. on the next business day.

Royale Medical Clinic & Hospital

876-955-3154    ⚐ 10 Lewis Street Savanna la mar Westmoreland

At Royale Medical Hospital, Clinic & Imaging Center, we provide "royale care at an affordable price". The Royale Medical Company Ltd was established on 1st June, 1996 and Doctor Nepaul came up with the idea of hospital, clinic and imaging center. He had a desire to provide quality health care at an affordable price to the people of Westmoreland, its environs and wider Jamaica. We strive to provide optimum care to every patient.

Since 1996, many local and overseas persons have passed through the doors and have received excellent service. We are mainly focused on women's health issues, and were predominantly a Maternity centre.

Dr. Nepaul being a Gynecologist and Obstetrician is interested in offering women a comfortable, and home away from home feel when delivering or recovering from a caesarean section. With the evolvement of the company we have come up with diverse range of services. We have employed highly skilled, courteous and professional team to take care of patients. We are equipped with both private and semi-private rooms.

Samaritan Cardiovascular Services

876-634-6622    ⚐ Unit 4 ,31 Upper Waterloo Road Kingston

Samaritan has a team of highly trained cardiovascular surgeon, general surgeon, gynaecologist and podiatrist.

SAMARITAN VEIN CENTER delivers comprehensive care to patients with disorders of the venous and lymphatic system. Evaluation and treatment of circulation disorders of the legs including venous stasis, stasis ulcers and varicose veins are done in our office. We offer noninvasive treatment of varicose veins and venous incompetence with radio frequency ablation.

SAMARITAN AMPUTATION PREVENTION PROGRAM focuses on the preservation of patient's independence by maintaining their ability to walk. We offer a team-based approach to amputation prevention, particularly in the diabetic. We offer a multimodality approach to amputation prevention in the diabetic, including wound care, treatment of infection, revascularization and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Eighty percent of amputations are performed on diabetic patients and most of these patients initially develop a diabetic foot ulcer. The prevention program focuses on the early evaluation and aggressive treatment of patients with diabetic foot ulcers. The biggest risk factor for amputation in diabetics is the presence of peripheral arterial disease. Samaritan provides comprehensive noninvasive vascular testing, digital subtraction angiography, endovascular and conventional revascularization options. The most common procedure for amputation prevention is bypass surgery on the leg to provide adequate blood flow to the foot. Samaritan also offers the full range of vascular and cardiothoracic procedures.

University Hospital Of The West Indies

876-927-1620    ⚐ Mona Kingston 7 St. Andrew

The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), formerly University College Hospital of the West Indies accepted its first patient in September 1952. Since then, we have been committed to providing quality patient care, training, and research for Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

We offer a wide range of medical services. We deliver outpatient care through over 30 specialised outpatient clinics. Also, we cater to the patients by providing support services such as radiology, cardiology, physiotherapy, addiction treatment, among others and our international patients' office (IPO).

At the University Hospital of the West Indies, we strive for excellence. We work diligently to maintain an environment that is conducive to an efficient, cost-effective, and responsive health care promotion and delivery system.

Winchester MRI Limited

876-906-1592    ⚐ 12 1/2 Hope Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Winchester MRI Limited (WMRI) is a private medical imaging centre established in September 2011 that provides Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) services.

WMRI is a valuable part of the medical community, strategically located at Winchester Surgical and Medical Institute in Kingston, Jamaica. Our professional personnel provide caring, accurate and timely services to our referring practitioners and clients, using advanced state of the art imaging technology.

We aim to be at the forefront of the radiology community locally and regionally and assist physicians in providing high-quality care to patients while adhering to international standards. Our patients' wellbeing and satisfaction are our primary concerns, underpinned by consistently providing them with the best service.

Winchester Surgical & Med Inst

876-929-8512    ⚐ 3A Winchester Rd Kgn 10

At the Winchester Surgical and Medical Institute, we strive for excellence in meeting the needs of our patients in a quality, caring and healing environment in which the essential contribution of each member of staff is valued.

Our vision is to be the first choice for high quality healthcare in Jamaica. You'll find our staff very easy to work with and our doctors extremely professional.

We will listen to your needs and evaluate the treatment based on our years of medical experience. We are a one stop hospital and health care complex, we are proud to be the only one of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean.