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Children's Heart & Paediatric Centre The

At The Children's Heart & Paediatric Centre we provide accurate diagnosis for heart conditions affecting children and adolescents and facilitate timely referrals for corrective procedures both locally as well as overseas. We interact with an international team of highly acclaimed paediatric cardiologists on a case by case basis. Our electrocardiograms (ECG) and echocardiograms (ECHO) reports are generated immediately much to the satisfaction of our parents. Our Services include: * Cardiac Consultation * Cardiothoracic Consultation * Echodoppler * 12 Lead ECG * Hour (holter) ECG * Cardiac screening for student athletes * Cardiac screening for Down Syndrome (DS) * Facilitation of overseas referrals for cardiac and surgical procedures * General paediatric care and consultation * Registration of children with DS (with/without cardiac defects) for the Jamaica Down Syndrome Foundation * Nutrition Consultation (Also available for adults) * Counselling (Also available for adults) * Art Therapy ( Also available for adults) * Second opinion cardiac consultations with our overseas associates Who to refer for cardiac screening? * Suspected congenital heart disease * All cases SUSPECTED Kawasaki disease * Rheumatic Fever * All children with Down Syndrome * Fainting episode * Chest Pain * Cardiac rhythm abnormalities * Competitive athletes

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