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Sunriver Medical

Sunriver Medical offers solutions to the medical community in the provision of products and services. Our valuable customers include doctors, hospitals, individuals, clinics, dentists, pharmacies and therapist and other persons in the medical field. Our years of experience coupled with the wide range of products and services allow us to offer sound advice and guide companies and individuals in your purchasing decision. Our aim is to get the medical supplies & equipment you need in the quickest possible time, at an affordable cost and at your convenience. Some of the products we supply include: Cold Coagulator for CIN 1-3 Laparoscopic tower and instrumentation for minimal invasive surgery Wound care solutions such as sutures and dressings Energy solutions including Lotus ultrasonic energy Negative pressure wound therapy Chest Drainage solutions Meshes for hernia repair Adhesion prevention barrier -betamix Vascular Graphs Pacemakers Varicose Vein Ablation therapy Hemodynamic monitoring Ultrasounds Hemocep Cell saver We are also aligned with the some of the leading brands who manufacture high quality products such as: Wisap Stapeline Eurosets Bowa Betatech Jotec Medico Nicast FCare Mespere Hadeco Advancis surgical Advancis medical If you are looking for a medical supplies company who will exceed your expectation. Give us a call!

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