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Salmon-Grandison Barbara Dr

A general ENT consultation is an appointment with an otolaryngologist for conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat. Although the three organs appear distinct from one another, all of them are part of the upper respiratory system. They also have similarities, including the mucous lining. For example, in the ear, one can find the Eustachian tube, which is the canal responsible for regulating the pressure inside the ears and allows the correct movement of sound waves. This canal is connected to the nose through the back. Mucous can also run from the nose to the throat. For this reason, if any of these three organs is problematic, there is a good chance that the others are also affected. If a person has a common cold, for example, the nose becomes runny, the throat irritated, and the ears experience a diminished capacity to hear clearly. Dr. Barbara Salmon-Grandison operates a Caribbean Head & Neck Centre. She has a team of professional doctors that is dedicated to good health care according to your specific needs. We have been serving Montego Bay for over twenty-five years and we continue deliver on our motto, "aiming to ensure good health". The Caribbean Head and Neck Centre is a complete ENT Service Centre. Doctors of varying specialty includes: Dr. Dwayne Hall, General Surgeon Dr. Maria Walwyn, Consultant Physician, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr. Franz Pencle, Neurosurgeon Dr. Terry Baker, (Lung Specialist) Pulmonologist Dr. Georgia Beavers, Hearing Testing &Hearing Aids.

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