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Paediatric Place

At Burlington Health, Home of the Paediatric Place, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of health care our patients receive once they come through our doors. We are a team of over 10 practitioners who are dedicated to providing the best patient experience and treatments in a variety of areas. Our services include: Family and Internal Medicine General surgery consultation and same day surgery Obstetrics and Gynaecology Family Planning, fertility and pregnancy management Paediatrics Orthopaedics Nutrition and Lifestyle management and Athletic Screening. The Paediatric Place at Burlington Health is known for the high premium that it places on paediatric care. With five paediatricians, a paediatric cardiologist (children's heart doctor), a paediatric surgeon, an education specialist, nutritionist and other visiting specialists, we are able to offer a holistic approach to children's health. Our care also includes IQ, reading, memory testing for slow and fast learners Nutrition guidance for all developmental stages Paediatric Echocardiogram and ECG. On-call consultation and house, calls are also features of the extended services we provide. The professional staff ensures that you receive a consistent, personalized and satisfying experience on each visit. Walk in, or call us for an appointment. You are always welcome to our family. Centrally located in the Half Way Tree area, with convenient hours and free self-contained parking, this is not your typical doctor's office. "Burlington Health and Paediatric Place...Always caring, Always here"

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