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Allen E Anthony Dr

Dr E. Anthony Allen, MB, BS, M.Div., MRC Psych, DM (Psych) psychiatrist and consultant in whole person wellness in church-based health ministries. DrE. Anthony Allen completed medical training at the University of the West Indies 45 years ago. He also trained in psychiatry at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, UK, and earned a master's degree in divinity at Yale University. He worked for 24 years as a part-time lecturer and hospital consultant at the University of the West Indies. Dr Allen developed the teaching programme in psychotherapy and counselling for residents and medical students. He also established the counselling programmes and psychiatric services for UWI students and staff at the Mona campus health centre. Now,from the base of his private practice called Whole Person Growth Facility, DrAllen facilitates patient empowerment by integrating a whole person perspective with client care. As a consultant in church-based health ministries, DrAllen has pioneered community-based whole person healingministriesin local congregations. He co-founded the Counselling and Healing Ministry of Bethel Baptist Church and the Jamaica Baptist Union. He has had several international speaking engagements, served on the Christian Medical Commission of the World Council of Churches, and carried out assignments forWorld Vision International. Dr Allen has authored several articles, book chapters and the books: 'Caring for the Whole Person' and 'Simple Steps to Wellness'. He also offers empowerment workshops for the public and patients relating to the renewal of self, overcoming circumstances and achieving wellness. There are also workshops for professionals on integrating health lifestyles and counselling in medical care. Dr Allen has a dream that "we each can be our brother's and sister's keeper for wellness".

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