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Hall John A S Dr

Dr. John Hall, an experienced consultant neurologist, has over 30 years'experience in providing comprehensive neurological care. He is a consultant neurologist trained at the Institute of Neurology in London. Dr. Hall honed his training by serving as a fellow in clinical neurology at the University of Pennsylvania. Later, he founded the neurology clinic at Kingston Public Hospital in 1963 and served as the chairman of the department of medicine for many years. In 1972, he served as a visiting assistant professor of Clinical Neurology at Columbia PresbyterianMedical School in New York. Dr. Hall comes with a wealth of expertise in neurological care. And, he was awarded the Commander of the Order of Distinction and the Order of Jamaica. Dr. Hall is also the recipient of the Centenary Medal of the Institute of Jamaica for his valuable contributions to the practice of medicine in Jamaica. Care services include: Epilepsy care Movement disorders Dementia and other cognitive conditions Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases Neuro-oncology Multiple sclerosis Demyelinatingdisorders Autoimmune neurology Neurophysiology Neuromuscular diseases Peripheral nerve and sleep neurology.