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1 year ago

What are the biggest misconceptions about Jamaica?

Hey everybody! I'm currently working on a video/documentary project for the upcoming Olympic games in Tokyo that focuses on athletes from the Caribbean, and this involves presenting background information about the places they're from... and A LOT of Caribbean Olympians are from Jamaica! So, the damn "suits" on this project are expecting the usual bullshit to the tune of "island paradise... steel drums... Bob Marley" and I REFUSE to present a Western/American stereotype of Jamaica! I want to learn about the REAL Jamaica! So, what are the big misconceptions about Jamaica? What is the REAL Jamaica? What kinds of things do you think form the "soul" of Jamaica? What do most Jamaican's love most about Jamaica? What are the biggest national or social problems that most Jamaicans think about? What are the things about Jamaica that Jamaicans feel most proud about? How is Jamaica different from all the other islands and nations in the Caribbean? What makes it special? What do Jamaicans care about most in how their country is represented? What's cool in Jamaica? What's not cool? What are the local things that outsiders would never understand about Jamaica? I appreciate your input on this! I sincerely want to break this cycle of countries like Jamaica being represented by dumb, outdated stereotypes. I want to present Jamaica as a place with good and bad, with nuance and poetry, just like every other place on Earth.... and to do this, I really need to learn about the REAL Jamaica!!

1 year ago

Question over identity

Came back to the states for a family reunion , over that 4day period my family would make Jamaican stereotypical jokes. I’m not sensitive I even laughed at them. But eventually it turned into remarks such as “your still here? , don’t you gotta go back to your people?” Now my family is Southern African American , Black American or whatever PC term for people who’s ancestors was US slaves. Moved to Jamaica when I was 18 and I’m currently 26 I love it here and plan on raising a family here. Even after their jokes turned into just hostile remarks I still didn’t really care. Until I noticed a lot of my family looked and treated me like I was different over little stuff like in my opinion a slight accent on certain words. But on the plane ride back all the way from North Carolina I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Now for the question . Is my family right in how they feel, am I only Jamaican and will my kids be viewed the same way my family viewed me ? Side note : And that’s something I love about it here, most the people I’ve met don’t care about race or background as much as people in the states do. Everyone is just themselves and don’t think about little stuff like that. My whole time here I was able to think of myself as a individual with out a race or stereotypes attached to me like how it is in certain parts of the states. The whole lifestyle and culture is just different . I encourage anyone interested in moving to Jamaica to do it!