#culture · 1 year ago

Black men & Jamaican Women

I'm specifically looking for men particularly black men, who have had experience with Jamaican Women. Me and a Jamaican woman hit it off through text and phone. She has a spark about her and she seems genuine and caring as well as patient. Any advice or personal experience with Jamaican Women? Share your thoughts.


I have plenty of experience with Jamaican women and have been married to one for over a decade. That said, there really isn’t any generic advice… there are many women in this country with very different personalities and preferences. Any advice would be specific to the Jamaican lady you are dealing with.


I don’t have any experience but I do have experience in financial fraud. Please be sure you don’t send her money. The red flag to me is that you communicate through text and phone. How did you meet her? Did she send you a message first? Have any of your friends or family met her in real life?




Here is directions on how to do a reverse image search: