#4c-hair · 1 year ago

Can we talk about the struggle as a black dude to grow hair

As a dude from a christian family it has been a journey with everything from losing some familial respect and havimg pastors tell you you're going to hell to actually having to learn how to take care of my hair. What are some of your experiences?


When I’m trying to come to terms internally with external conflicts I try to do research on how my battles have been fought in the past. Bc only a fool learns from his own mistakes right !? Yes so you could dig into the brutality Rasta faced in the 60s-70s when police used to hold them and trim their locks. These kinda things are still happening to this day as of recent a woman by the name of Nzinga King was trimmed of her dreadlocks by police. What a way it wicked how this Christian mindset tek set on Jamaicans a way where they can’t even see the beauty in their own people but would rather worship their colonial masters whether that be Jesus or England.


I assumed it was a struggle transitioning to locs as a guy in a Christian family, having had a couple friends who experienced same.

Never realized some just growing it out is an issue for some.

It’s difficult just trying to figure out how to take care of one’s hair, the shaming and lack of support must complicate things so much more.


For me personally, there was a stigma in my family that long hair on black males is seen as undesirable or scruffy, saying that it would affect my chances of getting jobs etc. sad really but after debating my argument I was allowed eventually


Jesus was a Nazarene, fam.

I’m from a staunchly evangelical family and had 2 sets of locs over 12 years. My family’s also Jamaican so maybe that cancelled out the hate, but occasionally I’d get comments from acquaintances asking when I was gonna cut it. Honestly I had too much pride in my roots to entertain them. Plus, women loved them lol don’t worry about negative sentiments, do you bro!


That’s annoying. It definitely stems from colonial mindset. Chances are Jesus did have long Hebraic hair hahaha.

As far as my experience, my Christian experience growing up was largely positive. I feel like I was lucky to be around well meaning christians they are a rarity in Jamaica