Is it normal for Jamaicans call their parents "Mummy and Daddy" all the time, all throughout adulthood?

I'm a guy. I've always called my parents Mummy and Daddy since I was a kid; now, I'm in college. My dad wants me to keep calling him Daddy, even though I don't feel quite as comfortable with it anymore, since I can't help but feel like it sounds weird, especially in front of others. Is it normal for all Jamaicans to address their parents this way all the time, all throughout their lives? ​ EDIT: The alternative is "Dad," which I'm perfectly comfortable with.

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I’m in my mid 20s and I still refer to my parents as Mommy or Daddy. To call them anything else would feel strange. My aunt who’s in her 60s calls her mother Mommy even today. It’s not abnormal at all.


I don’t understand the question, I’m pretty sure that’s the norm in every country?! Why would you want to call them by their first name? That’s mad ghetto and respectful. How is calling your father, “Dad” weird?


After a certain age, men in the Bahamas normally call their parents different names other than “mummy” and “daddy.” For older women, its normally mums [In The Bahamas “mum” is strictly used for older women] or ole lady, for men its pops [this word is strictly used for aged men] and ole man or big man.

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