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He calls me empress, darling and babes, what can i call Him?

I'm british Jamaican and wonder what to call him as a term of endearment. What do you get called by your woman? What do you want/like to be called by your woman? What do you call your man? What does your man want/like to be called? Either jokes or wholesome :) all welcome Edit: thanks for the laughs. - He just responds to questions as yes babes or no babes before continuing. - Maybe it's rare but he's actually lovely and respectful, i'd accept nothing less. - I hate calling people by their name for some reason, seems parental/ patronising. So just wondered. - and We are not very young.


>What do you get called by your woman?What do you want/like to be called by your woman?

Hmm, hmm. I definetly recommend this.

Though babybattywash is a close second.

Puts a smile on my face. All night long.


Hmm. You know he may not always be angry or frustrated like the way you may be feeling right now..it seems the bad and good is within all of us . Anyways.. Babes is soft and tender ..queen comes with a certain calibre that is still not as comforting as friend..Dear is also polite but is more private than the others ..its also a matter of the time and space we find ourselves as we are caught up between stages and rages..sweetness versus sugar plum are more praises of the claims keeps come… My love is my favorite praise because she must be my love to be worthy of most intimate affections afterall she is my black star liner as well as goddess.of my universe..She is most respectfully addressed as Blessed, so bless her


Babes will work great


But you don’t have to sound Jamaican to him, something natural to you and exotic to him will work too. Let’s say you call people luv or something. Long as it’s for him


I just hope some have an idea that you are obviously on the low when you start to refer to a human being as a scavenger or just less of a person..but why do that on the world stage.can john crows fly to london? Unnu soon know which dog uñnu must never call a puss