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Whats it like living in Jamaica?

My parents are Nigerian and I was born in Minnesota haha. But I was just wondering, whats it like down there. I dont really know much abour your Island other than Bob Marley haha. Oh and one of my favorite teams, the Minnesota Vikings, has a Jamaican player named Danielle Hunter, so theres that


Some things:

  • it’s hot and humid. Every. Single. Day.

  • Do you want to listen to dancehall? It doesn’t matter your answer, because it’s not optional in Jamaica. Your neighbour will be playing Vybz Kartel at full blast.

  • High quality, fresh, local fruits and vegetables year round

  • Ganja is very, very cheap and good… if you have the right links

  • if you think you are hearing gunshots, you probably are

  • people work harder here than most places than I have been, but accomplish and earn less.

  • I don’t see white people very often


I thought the person asked about Jamaica. Did you give your points based on Kingston? Jamaica is more diverse. I lived in Manchester and had to wear sweater and use blanket sometimes. I also never heard crazy music or gunshots and I did see white people who worked in mining industry.


It can depend on which part of KN also, in Half Way Tree I’ve never heard Gunshots in all my life I’ve been going there - and I go quite often for long periods.

Agree with the rest, also to add you can eat VERY well for a few hundred dollars daily.


Depends which part your talking, just like any place in the world.

Kingston would be different to Portland for example. Even Port Royal is very different to Kingston, despite it being in Kingston LOL

My experience is Kingston, Half Way tree - Moylnes Road to be exact :) the family home is there, been going there since the late 90s. I’m from London, UK.

  • Great community vibe - such a stark difference to London\UK, even down to people saying good morning etc
  • Can eat very well for a few hundred dollars daily if you wanted too
  • All types of fresh fruit, veg and fish
  • Lots going and to do, from Downtown to Cane River
  • Anything and I mean anything you want, you can get for cheap Downtown
  • Great history in Kingston, Devon House, Bob Marley, Port Royal etc
  • If you love music then your set, something is going on most days and in summer have great events such as Sandz, Yesterdays and further afield (Mo Bay) is Sumfest


There are a number of social media and other platforms, including this one where you can find answers to your question. Interestingly, many of the European - enslaved Africans transported to the Americas, including the Caribbean, where the island of Jamaica is located originated from regions which included Nigeria


It’s the most breathtaking place to be if your about adventure and new experience local living is cheaper than the states and a better quality of life people who are willing to work can achieve anything there