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Japanese in Jamaica..needs to live and stay?

My japanese friend is here in Jamaica for a three month visit but would to stay and live for possibly a few years,but upon entering there was not ideas of what to do., Immigration give a time to stay up the three months so he has to go back to Japan and return, maybe there are a few ways he could get a visa to stay as long as he wants.we are looking for options,even we know he has to go but do you have any ideas of communicating with the Government to set up a business so he can have something like an exemption so he does have to leave? We are looking at business ideas , marriage and even real estate but the time seems very short to.go around not having to flay and forth.. do you have a way or any ideas of what is possible NOW?


in case OP is interested:

Address: 6th Floor, NCB Towers, North Tower, 2 Oxford Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.

Telephone:(1-876) 929-3338, (1-876) 929-3339

Fax:(1-876) 968-1373,(1 -876) 754-2542

Email:General: info@kg.mofa.go.jpVisa: consul@kg.mofa.go.jp


Your friend could get a job as a Japanese assistant teacher at UWI. Its best to talk with the Japanese Embassy to streamline that process and also try calling the Humanities department at UWI to speak with Japanese teachers.