Why doesn’t Jamaica have a big Indian population like some southern Caribbean countries?

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I think it is related to Jamaica having received more enslaved Africans before the arrival of Indians compared to Guyana or Trinidad. On top of that Jamaica received almost as many African “indentured servants” as Indians after the end of slavery.

Many Indians did migrate to Jamaica (and some still do today), but there are already so many black people that Indians mostly have integrated in and mixed with black people.

Why the British brought more Africans here than the Dutch, Spanish, French and British brought to Trinidad, Guyana, and Suriname, I don’t know.


I was obviously referring to people from India - Tainos didn’t migrate here after slavery and they weren’t “brought” to Trinidad, Guyana, etc.

And yes, there are definitely more Indians in Jamaica than white people. They are the largest non-black ethnic group by quite a bit.


It’s funny because you are still wrong. Read the actual census here and see that Jamaicans of African descent are 91% of the population, mixed people are a little more than 6% and Indians are the next biggest group around 1%. Chinese and white people are around 0.2%. So yea, 5x… which to me is quite a bit.


The high Indo populations in some southern Caribbean countries are not typical for the rest of the Caribbean. So the question perhaps could be, what is it about the Dutch Antilles, Guyana etc. why they have such significant ‘East Indian’ populations. Need to look to indentured slavery, trade and commerce patterns for the answers here.

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