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Has Jamaica ever had much of a Hispanic/Mexican population?

I am American, but of Asian and European descent but was wondering if Jamaica had much of a Hispanic community. Apparently it seems not so much, and only one Mexican restaurant I can find via Google in the whole country. I’ve never been to Jamaica but it looks great and Jamaican and Hispanic cultures seem vibrant on the surface so you would think there’d be some form of community. There may be thousands of Cubans and Puerto Ricans but can’t find much info. Is there much of a population of them? I know Jamaica has some White/British, Chinese and Indian populations but was wondering of the Indigeneous or Hispanic which isn’t too far away. Would be great to experience a little bit of Latin America in Jamaica.


There has never been much of a Mexican population because there isn’t really a reason for Mexicans to move here. The few Mexicans I have met in Jamaica were here working for Mexican companies.

I’ve never met a Puerto Rican here. US citizens don’t often migrate to poorer countries lol.

Cubans, Colombians, Dominicans, and Panamanians are all fairly common to meet in Jamaica, especially Cubans. You can find Cuban and Venezuelan restaurants in Kingston.


Uh… Sure. If you’re earning in USD about 3-5k monthly you could live in a smart house in the hills or a gated community and keep isolated from your average struggling citizen. But its that really going to make you happy?… wait, it’d make me happy.


Ok not developed per se but developed in terms of family. Why would you deny that? I do agree it is far fetched parts are nicer. There are parts of US that are horrible but they are not on the same scale or as common as Jamaica or carribean


Here’s the thing … Jamaicans like me just want to find the better out of a shitty situation, Jamaica is lovely place to visit but it’s hard to live and work here.

You’re government actually supports your lower class with welfare benefits etc … that’s practically non-existent here, hence Jamaicans leave to better themselves I mean… minimum wage in Jamaica is $7500 JMD which equates to $49.50USD a week so lest we like to struggle, we tend to aim elsewhere.


I don’t know about more developed, but you’re right about some Jamaicans being happier than Americans.

It’s more that it’s not particularly easy to immigrate to Jamaica unless you’re a CARICOM citizen, so US or Mexican citizens who are unhappy with their situations have easier options to go somewhere else. An unhappy Puerto Rican can easily move to New York or wherever in the US.


Pedantic nerd answer: Technically speaking, Jamaica was a Hispanic country at one point. Granted this was in the 1600s as a Spanish colony, but still…

This non-answer has been your mini-trivia history lesson for the day.


Many Jamaicans migrated to Costa Rica during and after slavery I was told. Had a friend once that spoke patois perfectly and she learnt it from her grandma (her great grand were from Jamaica). Apparently there are rural areas in CR with strong ties to Jamaica


Why do you want to experience Latin America when coming to the Caribbean? Jamaica has such a rich culture that’s like asking French people where the good Chinese food is because you want to experience a little bit of Asia when you are in Paris.


I know that Jamaica has always had ties with the Hispanic communities. After all, we are neighbors. Before colonization, the first inhabitants travel between islands for trade and other reasons. Cuba and Venezuela have strong ties with Jamaica; many Jamaicans have grand or great-grandparents who are Cuban. Because they used to travel back and forth. During Fidel Castro’s leadership of Cuba, Jamaica was one of the few countries that supported him despite pressure from the USA. We are still paying the price for that decision.

The Cuban government built several schools in Jamaica, such as G.C.Foster College, which is responsible for our sporting success. Also, Jose Marti Technical and Gravy Maceo High. Both schools are named after Caban national heroes.

Many Jamaican got their university education in Cuba on scholarships offered by the Cuban government. There are many Cuban doctors, teachers, and nurses working in Jamaica.

Simon Bolivar, Venezuela’s National hero, spend time in Jamaica during Spanish American war. There is a building downtown named after him. The Venezuelan Institute(IVCC Jamaica ) in Jamaica has been offering free Spanish lessons for decades. It is a good place to learn the language and culture. I was a student there a few years ago got kicked out because I failed the first semester. Pedro Caribe deals with Jamaica, and Venezuela, where we get cheap gas at a low-interest rate and long payment time.

There are many Hispanics living and working in Jamaica; most are from Cuba. Like most tight-nite communities, they are not in the mainstream. They live mainly in middle or upper-class communities, have their socials, and link up. The Venezuela Institute (IVCC Jamaica ) at 24 Windsor Ave in Kingston is a good place to get information on social events in the Hispanic community.

Simon Bolivar’s residence when he stayed in Jamaica.


Let’s not. You do not see Hispanics out here like that if at all except the ones that come here to work at the hospitals or whatnot. Even if you’re talking about afro Hispanics you still don’t. And not sure what that statement has to do with anything I said.


Your statement is foolish. It isn’t relevant because they aren’t really here which was the question that I answered and devolving to personal attacks just shows how braindead you are. Hispanics generally aren’t here. And even if you’re talking about afro Hispanics they still aren’t.


This is an interesting question! As someone that grew up there from 1985-2011 I can’t say I remember meeting anyone of “mexican” decent. BUT I did go to Mexico on a field trip. And come to think of it we may have had kids from Mexico in Jamaica.

Alot of Caribbean and Latin American schools exchange students. So I actually met people from all over the world as a kid.

The thing is Jamaica is a weird culture, it’s not like north America at all. We wouldn’t know our care if u were from another country if you’re there and not white the assumption is your jamaican. I say not white because the white population is so small in Jamaica most assume white people are tourists.

That said it will blow your mind when u talk to a blond haired blue eyed girl and she drops a thick jamaican accent on you lol. Girls like that are all over kingston.

Jamaicans would likely just think you’re an “Indian” or “Spanish” jamaican… and the girls would very aggressively flirt with you.

Yeah it’s strange to say and most don’t believe but it’s an island where racism just doesn’t exist and everyone share the common identity of being jamaican. It really is a beautiful place.

I haven’t been back in awhile but that’s the Jamaica I grew up in.


Oh as for the food. You won’t find a Mexican restaurant in Jamaica. But don’t be afraid to try our local food. Our food and true Mexican food share alot of basic ingredients but since we are more Caribbean we tend to have more African and asian influenced spices.

Our food is pretty similar to Salvadoran, Puerto Rican and Trinidadian food. Those influences.

We also use alot of the same stuff as traditional Mexican food but it’s called something different in Jamaica.

The Mexican drink “Jamaica” is made from our hibiscus flowers.

A traditional true Mexican restaurant would do really well in Jamaica. But a Tex Mex style restaurant would absolutely flop there.

Everyone in Jamaica can cook so restaurants have to really bring it there to survive.


That’s actually really great news! You know this is what I love about jamaican people…

You give a jamaican a stick he gonna find away to make money off that stick next thing you know him turn that stick into a furniture factory

I’m happy to be wrong about this issue.proud of my people


Hopefully just as tourists. Last thing we need is a bunch of foreigners coming to the island gentrifying our communities, hiking up prices for stuff that’s already expensive for the average Jamaican,etc. they’re already doing so in certain parts of Mexico & the locals are not pleased that the gringos are coming over lol.


If him eva do something like that the very culture and identity of Jamaica will change. 200k? That’s a lot, not to mention where the hell him a go keep them? Kick off so called squatters off a land & build tenament housing fi di refugees dem?


Smh. What he should remove is the queen of England as head of state, reform colonial era laws like why is obeah still illegal? The British outlawed it because they saw it as a threat to their white colonial rule & shortly after went on a large christian conversion campaign to brainwash the masses into worshipping this white Jesus & turn the other cheek when they abuse we.

Also transfer ownership of these white owned hotels to competent Black People. Sick & tired of these foreigners coming to Jamaica, make their money, rake in their profits & the money don’t circulate in Jamaica & instead go into some overseas bank account probably in the Cayman islands.


There is a Jamexican ( Jamaican / Mexican) restaurant in Kingston called Chillitos , it’s not traditional Mexican as it’s a fusion restaurant but as someone mentioned , you come to Jamaica to experience Jamaican culture.