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Young Jamaicans: what do you think of the English monarchy?

Hi everyone! I hope you don’t mind me posting in here. I’m a journalist looking for contributors for a piece I’m writing for the UK-based site [Woo](https://woo.itv.com/). I’m looking to speak to young people who live in countries outside of the UK that still have the English monarchy as head of state. Any Jamaicans interested in sharing their thoughts on the monarchy, particularly in relation to their own heritage and identity, please DM me! Or my gmail is: brittanymaedawson. You can remain anonymous in the piece. My name is Brit Dawson – I’ve previously written for British GQ, VICE, Dazed, Rolling Stone UK, and more – you can find examples of my writing [here](https://muckrack.com/brit-dawson). Thanks!


Hi. I’m 20 years old and I live in Canada for university but I’m from Jamaica. I believe that having the English monarchy as head of state, especially after QEII’s passing, is unnecessary. In the past few decades the help that we’ve been getting from the monarchy is minimal. Jamaica is already independent and our government controls 95% of the things that go on there. Being a constitutional monarchy is just a formality.


Reeks of colonialism and is not in line to the ideals which we should be following. I find it quite disturbing that our head of state is literally the descendants of the people who permitted and industrialised the most horrific human atrocity ever. Many Jamaicans might not understand this but it has huge ramifications to our society that we continue to uphold these colonial symbolism. From statues to parish and county names to parks even religiously we are still colonized in mind and socially

For example Most Jamaicans are christian which is a religion beaten into our ancestors by the British colonizers, which creates an environment of self hate and inferiority interns of how we view African retention and Africa itself. More wise is that most older Jamaicans in particular Do not think they quickly give over anything that they don’t grasp to Jesus instead of analyzing things critically. This mindset allows them to be exploited by pastors and politicians alike and this mindset will be passed down creating a cycle of over religious idiots who are very impulsive.

Getting red of this institution is the first step in Changing our country for the better small and insignificant as it may seem.


No significant bearing on our personal identities and there is no way to feel it’s effects in our everyday lives. However I’m in college for the second time changing my career to I.T. And having to go thru the foundation courses and got reacquainted with the Jamaican legal system. Having the monarchy still directly and indirectly involved in the law making and electoral process is one way I see it impeding our growth and independence. We still have a lot of archaic laws in place now that could significantly change things in the country. Not to say that our government has been the most proactive but in relation to your question, as an independent nation the queens representative should have the amount of power they do.


Personally, most of the people I know don’t really care. I have never paid it much thought, however, when Queen Elizabeth died I felt it a lot more than I thought I would. I wouldn’t say it plays any real role in my identity. My family is very mixed, but I am very dark skinned in case that matters.


They have gone past their sell date . Barbados started it all when they became a Republic.

How can any of the UK ex colonies still have a symbol that represented subjugation, oppression and enslavement? This same colonial symbolism represents, for me, an institution who enslaved my Ancestors. Get rid of them, they should not matter in the 21st century.

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