Context: hi, I’m a mixed race 17 year old to a Jamaican Mother and English/Irish Father. My Mum’s family came over to the UK during the windrush generation. I’ve been tracing my family on my Jamaican side and found small amounts of Scottish in that side. I wondered if it was common with Jamaicans from St Elizabeth parish to have ancestors from Scotland etc. Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to genealogy as a Black person. You only kinda get used to it.

EDIT: In all seriousness, remember that you’re the descendant of the victims, too. You carry on their drive to survive. Your success as a black person honors them.


I’ve got Scottish ancestors from St. Elizabeth. I actually have the name of the plantation owner and the slave he raped that are my father’s forebears. I wish I knew more about my 100% Chinese great-grandmother. Her life must have been interesting.


Yep, found out my great grand father was a white Irish from ancestry. I have a cousin from that line who says her mother was a product of rape. I don’t know my great grandmothers story. Proud of my heritage but hate how some of us got here. DNA test shows there’s a whole bunch of us with this one Irish family in common.


My spouse’s family has Scottish ancestry, from tradespeople who migrated from Scotland to Jamaica in the latter half of the 19th century. All of their daughters married Jamaican men. There was Scottish immigration to the island long after Emancipation. Not all of that history has to do with slavery.


irish jamaicans is a huge % of the population, i think only surpassed by jamaicans of african origin and loads of them were also in a rough way as servants to english rich folk. don’t be ashamed for things you had no control over. live your life.


Grandma name was a Rattray..heard we had a castle in Scotland.granpa was a Davidson .of Cuban descent though I strongly believe it was Scottish as well, but mi nuh know what a gwaann deh suh..livity is not easy amongst the tribes. I am a Yamaye anywhich way

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