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1980s Jamaica Resources/Textbooks/ETC

I am attempting to gather more information about life in Kingston Jamaica during the 1980s. My parents grew up around the Kingston 10/11 area, but it is difficulty gathering information from them (understandably due to the trauma they experienced during this time). I am mostly interested in textbooks/maps/journal articles, but I will also read anecdotal sources (outside of the Marlon James book). Thank you in advance!


Born Fi Dead - Laurie Gunst (popular Non-fiction, banned in Jamaica

Politics in Jamaica - Anthony Payne (textbook)


The main economic problems under/caused by Seaga being Seaga

Gonna look through my PDFs. BRB.



>Because Born Fi’ Dead allegedly contains libellous stories about former Jamaica Prime Minister and west Kingston Member of Parliament Edward Seaga. The book is not available in Jamaica.


You can check out this book : https://www.etsy.com/listing/720805250/out-of-many-one-people-paperback-signed?click_key=799b87cd4a5609abc7faf912ada22ae55b028fa8%3A720805250&click_sum=f052cec4&ref=shop_home_recs_4&frs=1


It is called “Out of Many, One People” by Kavionart. You can also check Jamaican archive.