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Question: representing my heritage

I’m biracial, and have no history or knowledge of my Afro-Caribbean heritage because I’m from an adopted family. My genealogy is Jamaica, Ghana, Nigeria. I want to know respectful ways to learn and appreciate this side of my family. Any one know a place to start? Books? Resources? Thanks in Advance.


I would say got to jamaica. If that’s not an option try to find a west indian club. Social media isn’t a good idea as you wont know what flavor your getting. Like listening to Don Trump on being american. There are a few people who exemplify being jamaican. The person who comes to mind is louise bennet.


Look up Jamaican Heroes and Government officials… Look up Miss Lou and cultural aspects of Jamaica..

Research Jamaica and their importance to the UK… and West Indies Federation.

Look up sports and music. Bob Marley, Lee Scratch Perry, Beenie Man, Shaggy…

Look up tourism- Negril, Montego Bay, Portland, Kingston .

Look up Caribbean and Latin American drug trade of the 80s.

Look up ganja in Jamaica (history)..

Look up the Jamaican diaspora.


Tenement Yaad media makes 2 really good podcasts. Lest we forget is their history podcast and checkmate is their politics podcast. I’m Jamaica and I think I know a decent amount of Jamaican history but their podcasts are very well research and I’ve learned a lot about the rest is the Caribbean from them. I can’t recommend themEnough


Visit Jamaica (not all-inclusives). Do local culture tours. Visit museums. Do food tours. Watch YT videos from persons such as Rochelin. Mix with the people i.e. attend events whether major stage show or simply a road dance. This suggestion carries over to Nigeria and Ghana as well. The best way to learn any place, food, culture or people is through immersion.


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