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Home & Garden Care Ltd

Home & Garden Care Ltd is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Jamaica in 1982. The company evolved from a hobby of the owner and now Managing Director out of a dire need to offer these kinds of services. In 1982, we began with one gardener offering garden care and maintenance to private residences. The positive response was overwhelming. We rapidly evolved and expanded into other related services such as landscaping, irrigation systems and water features. Employing a wide range of marketing and promotional strategies over the years, we've successfully widened our cadre of clients and services to include large commercial and corporate entities, plant rentals, tree pruning and spraying and fertilizing. We have created and maintained a reputation in the property maintenance industry as a reliable and efficient company that delivers the highest standard quality service. Notwithstanding, our core business remains garden maintenance and landscaping, with operations primarily concentrated in the Kingston and St. Andrew area. Outside of Kingston, our focus lies primarily in landscaping projects. Our goal and intention are to further expand the reach of our services throughout the island and eventually overseas.

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