#coffee · 1 year ago

Where to get reasonably priced blue mountain coffee in Kingston

I heard you can get it in supermarkets, is that true? Went to a shop at Devon house and it was very expensive but I’m not sure if that’s normal price or not.


It is very expensive. I’m assuming you have no connections or other bargaining powers.

The cheapest place to buy genuine is at one of the farms, some have excellent tours and are fairly close to Kingston.

Otherwise, supermarkets are usually the best bet. There doesn’t tend to be the large variation in price from place to place that you’ll see at tourist shops.

As far as I understand, only roasted beans (whole or ground) can be sold as the genuine article, and read the label carefully. There are lesser grades also sold and some of the packaging can be confusing.

That said, some of the lesser grades are still excellent coffee, if the exact product is out of your budget.