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Jamaica Blue Mountain Spring Water Co Ltd

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jamaica's FIRST and ONLY AUTHENTIC TOTALLY 100% ALKALINE – CHLORINE FREE Natural Spring Water. JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN GOURMET SPRING WATER- is our registered name BRAND – the ONLY one that can claim this distinction. Founded in 1989- we are the PIONEERS that set the standard in the bottling of Premium Natural Spring Water in Jamaica. We ARE the water of CHOICE for water connoisseurs in Jamaica. “THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE TASTE!! We bottle at the source under the approval, standards & regulations of the Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Health & Factories Act. Our spring is located in North Eastern St. Mary, in a remote rainforest area, known as Hindsville St. Mary, part of the lower region of the Blue Mountain range, and is one of the ONLY pristine sources left on the Island. Originating from deep underground – the spring has a constant flow with rich amounts of calcium& magnesium, with very low sodium content- all beautifully balanced for the OPTIMAL 7.8 PH benefit OF WHAT NATURE CREATED FOR YOUR BODY You will experience the sweetest most satisfying spring water available anywhere on the globe. A three step purification process to remove both suspended solids and bacteria is utilized to ensure TOTAL PURITY & SAFETY. • Micron Filtration • Ultraviolet Sterilization • Ozonation.

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