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Jamaica Ultimate Tyre Co Ltd

Founded in 2001, Jamaica Ultimate Tyre Company Limited is the leading tyre retreading company in Jamaica. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company. And we are a member of the Tyre Industry Association of North America. With a mission to offer the highest quality product that meets strict industry standards, we offer our customer retreaded tyres. Retreaded tyres are a cost-effective alternative to used tyres and are as durable and safe as new tyres. At Jamaica Ultimate Tyre Company Ltd to ensure our product is top quality, we use high-level tyre casings. We also sell a wide range of new Anaite, Lanvigator, Nerius, Julitong, Invovic and Safe Cess tyres for all vehicles. Tyre services such as fitting, patching and vulcanizing are also offered for trucks, buses, SUVs and cars. We are the only company, in Jamaica, with a full-length computerized wheel alignment stand. This allows us to provide wheel alignment for articulated buses and long trailer trucks. A new and exciting addition to our catalogue of products offered is nitrogen. It is an alternative to air for tyre inflation and provides all round savings, safety and tyre life.

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