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Jamaica Teachers' Assn Co-op C U Ltd

At Jamaica Teachers' Assn Co-op C U Ltd, we strive to serve our members and impact lives positively by providing sound and safe management practices. We have been assisting the financial needs of educators in Jamaica since 1959. Our membership is open to educators and administrative workers in the educational sector, who are members of the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA). We have maintained a consistent record of growth which has proved that we are trusted by our customers. We offer a variety of loans including: auto, home equity, mortgage, back to school, special education, vacation, computer pak and sure advance loans. We also provide numerous savings opportunities: voluntary shares account, Christmas club savings account, easi access, and ordinary deposit account. Our investment products feature: golden harvest and special deposit. We offer insurance loans & life savings protection insurance and family indemnity plans. For educators who live overseas, they can make payments to your JTA Credit Union Account through our VMBS Money Transfer Service (VMTS) partners who are listed on our website. We have 12 locations islandwide for our customers' convenience.

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