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The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Kingston, Jamaica

The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Kingston, Jamaica photo jamaica

A considerable lot of us can't envision beginning the day without some coffee. One explanation might be that it supplies us with a shock of caffeine, a gentle energizer to the focal sensory system that rapidly supports our readiness and energy levels. Jamaica is home to the absolute best coffee in the world.

Café Blue

Café Blue is special to have one of the most outstanding tasting coffee in the world, the best chocolate, and bona fide treats with Jamaican flavors. Quality and realness, from bean to cup, from ranch to table. Motivated by their longing to offer probably awesome of Jamaica: warm cordiality, craftsman items, and, their signature, widely popular Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, which is 100% Jamaican.

Contact Information:

Blaise Industrial Park, Unit 9 & 10

69 Constant Spring Rd

Kingston 8, Jamaica

Tel: 876-969-2326, 876969-7980, Fax: 876-924-5506

Blue Mahoe Estate Cafe

 Enjoy the rich taste of the world's best coffee. The microclimate surrounding the Estate and its deep soils produce an excellent quality 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The Estate is in the most picturesque part of the Mahoe District. They have lovely cool mountains on three sides of the Estate and on one side they have a delightful, distant view of the Caribbean Sea. The Estate has its own river, the back river running through it. During the rainy season, a breathtaking waterfall can be observed and enjoyed. From the Estate, many views of the surrounding hillside districts can be seen including two very old churches and the quaint canter of the district where the populace gathers in the evenings.

Contact Information:

Located in: Kidz Kastle 

30 Haining Rd, Kingston

Tel:  (876) 778-6396


Brew’d Awakening

Brewed Awakenings is a new, elegant coffee shop in Jamaica. It is located at the new Tastee Liguanea Complex. Located nearby to the Tastee Liguanea, the Tastee Gathering opened a little coffee asylum called Brew'd Enlightenments. It offers natural products, a Greek plate of mixed greens, panini, wraps, flapjacks, waffles, and sub sandwiches. You can get these with chicken, ham, and fish. Or then again you might attempt the egg and bacon covering or French toast with eggs and bacon. Each of the baked goods is made by Tastee, and they make everything from cheesecakes to treats. The bistro, propelled by incredible minutes has an assortment of coffee teas to interest every one of your cravings hot or cold, juiced or without caffeine.

Contact Information:

130 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6. 

Opening hours: 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM Mondays to Saturdays, 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM on Sundays.

Tel: 876-405-0032

Email: brewdmarketing@tasteejamaica.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/BrewdAwakeningsJa/ 

Teatree Creperie

The first creperie in Jamaica! An incredible bistro in the heart of Kingston. 

Tea Tree Creperie and Treehouse Bar is another Cordon-Bleu-style breakfast and early lunch spot in Kingston and the first of its sort in Jamaica. Tea Tree's specialty is the heavenly, sweet, and exquisite crêpes they offer an inconceivably shifted menu that incorporates exemplary morning meals, without gluten as well as vegetarian delights, treats, quiche, mixed greens, Blue Mountain coffee drinks, and mixed and specially prepared drinks including the famous mint lemonade. Crêpe crème brûlée and pavlova are additionally Tea Tree top choices.

Contact Information:

Unit # 2, 80 Lady Musgrave Rd, Kingston

Call for takeout/delivery (876) 978-7333

Website: www.teatreecreperie.com

Devon House Café

The Devon House Cafe, located on the historical compound of Devon House in Kingston, offers a diversity of delicious specialty beverages such as the Devon shake, coffee cocktails, smoothies, and slushies. All of these are complemented by deli delights such as omelets, crunch wraps, paninis, and salads. Devon House provides the perfect atmosphere for breakfast and brunch with its outside seating area and cool, relaxed environment. Just next door to the café, guests can try the famous Devon House patties at the bakery or the delicious Devon House ice cream.

Contact Information:

Shop 6 & 7, 26 Hope Road, Kingston Jamaica

Tel: 8762614052

Island Coffees Café

Island Coffees Cafe supplies & serves 100% Blue Mountain Coffee, sandwiches, wraps, pastries, and much more.

Devon House Yard, Kingston, utilizing single-obtained 100 percent Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans, Island coffee represents considerable authority in the pour-over coffee strategy for preparing, specifically the Chemex Technique. We produce and bundle our Dim Dish (Strawberry Slope coffee) and Medium Dim Meal coffee (Devon House coffee)

Contact Information:

Devon House, 10 Waterloo Rd, Kingston

 (876) 261-4052


Email: islandcoffees@cwjamaica.com 

Opens: 7am – 9 pm

Cannonball Café

The Cannonball Bistro is one of the biggest cafés in Jamaica with four areas in Kingston. The bistro offers a blend of hot drinks that incorporate cappuccinos, moccasins, macchiatos, and coffees. Cold drinks on request incorporate chilled coffee and chilled chocolate. 

Cannonball Cafe -- your home away from home! Sometimes you just need to slow down, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and sit back and relax as you watch the rest of the world rushing by.

Contact Information:

Sovereign North 970-1532

Lower Manor Park 969-3399

New Kingston 754-4486 (closed on Saturday & Sunday)

WhatsApp 577-7317

Website: http://www.instagram.com/cannonballcafe

Email: ian@cannonballcoffee.com

24 Seven Café

A venerated milestone in the capital city Kingston, the Jamaica Pegasus as it is warmly called, rises seventeen (17) stories high in the core of the business and monetary region, New Kingston. It is within a strolling distance from numerous global workplaces and consulates as well as authentic destinations, social focuses, shopping regions, and cafés.

Contact Information:

Pegasus Hotel
81 Knutsford Boulevard,
Kingston 5, Jamaica
Tel:  876-926-3690, 876-926-3691

Open 24 hours

Jablum Coffee House

Jablum Coffee House is a proud supplier of 100% authentic Jamaican coffee.

Contact Information:

NCB Towers, Kingston

Tel: (876) 556-9539

Website: https://www.instagram.com/jablumoxford/

Email: jablumcafe@gmail.com

Deaf Can Coffee

Deaf Can Coffee exists to affirm young people in their identity as deaf people. This wonderful cafe also provides job and business opportunities to help those in the deaf community survive and thrive. "Deaf can do anything." We may not hear with our ears, but we listen with our eyes. We may not speak with our voice (although many can), but we do talk with our hands. We experience life differently. Not a lesser way, not a worse way, simply different.

Contact Information:

4 Cassia Park Road

Kingston 10

Phone: 8765873833