#travel · 5 months ago

How do I get from Kingston to Montego Bay and back, and for how much? Coaster bus or Taxi are my options.

What it says in the title. Morning trip, one piece of luggage, leave in the morning return before night.


I flew from MoBay to Kingston when I went and I don’t remember where we flew into. Sorry I don’t remember any more details; I think my hotel made the recommendation and it was a small commuter-type plane.


Took a coaster from Mobay to down town Kgn earlier this year, it was a grand. The Spain to Ochi taxis only started charging 1k last year when covid started. It was 600/700 before that and only 500 before they increased their fares due to the toll raise


You can convert at the airport but the exchange rate they give you is terrible. Usually the best is to just go to an ATM and withdraw Jamaican dollars, depending on the fees your bank charges. If not that, you can change money at a Cambio, just remember to bring ID.

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