#travel · 1 year ago

How to make the most out of our trip to Montego Bay?

I’m going to Montego Bay next week for 6 days and I want to know what is the best things to do there? Do you guys have some tips for travelers? I’m staying at the Hilton inclusive resort, if you have any insight on that as well. ***The airport strike has ended


That’s ridiculous. Did you want to change destinations or was that the only way to use the flight credit. I’ve seen a lot regarding Jamaica and WestJet.

Have you tried directly disputing the charges? There has be a way to get your money back.


Ugh, that sucks. If you have extended health benefits through work, definitely check the booklet. The policy will cover personal and business travel.

I hope you can enjoy the Bahamas though. I was there last month for a family wedding. It was lovely but Jamaica has way better food, friendlier people and is more fun - hopefully you get to enjoy Jamaica another time.

If you’re in Nassau and like rum, do the Luna rum distillery tour - you have to reserve ahead of time but you just do that online.