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Good restaurants in Montego Bay

Hi! Me and my friend are now in Montego Bay and we want to eat some authentic Jamaican food. We just ate at hotel-tourist areas and we would want to eat something better, like some good and spicy Jamaican curry. Thank you really much for the suggestions!


Hire a guide or taxi for the day. Ask them to take you to some of their favourite local spots. They will get you off the beaten track, safely. The best places to go are not fancy, and not that easy to find as a foreigner. The food will be cheaper and better than the tourist spots.


Actually there’s a food tour guide that I believe operates on monetego bay.

Edit: found him in this mark wiens jamaica series. Youtube video here, his contact is in the description


If you arrange through the hotel, it’s usually more expensive than finding your own. The front desk can definitely arrange for you any tour, or check the drivers just outside the gate if you have good negotiation skills. I have links I can give you if you pm me. I can do some price checks for you from my people, so you can get the best deal. When do you want to go and how many people? You just want to go out and eat or you want to see some sights ? Let me know what time of day or if it’s an all day thing. If it’s your first time there, consider a day trip to Negril and enjoy the 7 mile beach and the west end. There are a few really great restaurants in Negril (and some not so good) Just link me if you want more info. Hope you have a great time though. 😎


The rates are all pretty negotiable, so just tell the taxi what you want and they will tell you the price. Always negotiate before you get in the car. Don’t be afraid to say no thanks and check elsewhere if you don’t agree with the price. Keep in mind the gas is expensive and the driver usually expects a little tip.

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