What are good side dishes to go with patties?

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In my opinion patties are stand alone pastries and the only accompaniments are cold beverages preferably soda pops (such as cokes etc) or fruit juices. Some persons like having their patties sandwiched in a “coco-bread” which is a larger similarly shaped soft dough pastry.The sides mentioned here sound interesting though😃


What?!? I am intrigued. I know you’re not talking about the Easter but we eat with the ambrosia known as tinned cheese, and it’s not a bulla cake. What exactly is this spiced round bun (and does it contain fruit?)


Bless for the explanation! At first I was thinking bulla cakes and then I knew you couldn’t be talking about bun you eat with bun and cheese. I just googled them and can’t believe I’ve never had one. I’m a yardie, but also an ex-pat currently living on the other side of the world. (Well, an American born yardie from a Jamaican father and a Bajan mother. But you know we nyam nothing but straight yard food and I lived in JA as a little girl.) Anyhoo, you put me up on game. I’m going to ask my mom to send me some in the next package she sends from home. Sounds bomb as hell with a patty and some tinned cheese, too.

Moms is bomb. She sends me tinned ackee and my good Jamaican curry powder. I cook yard food here, but no Jamaican bakeries on the entire continent. Haven’t been home in a minute due to the pandemic, but I’ll be back soon. I’m gonna tear some of these up. Thanks again!


Following on my earlier comments, when I have patties it is always with a cold beverage (fruit based or carbonated) However, I also will sometimes have a sweet, non-creamy treat/dessert afterwards, not with the patty😄

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