Curry goat vs Ox tail - Which dish is healthier/better for you?

I am from the US and don’t know any nutrition about Jamaican food, just know I love it lol. Those are my 2 favorites (aside from stewfish but the only place that delivers near me unfortunately doesn’t have it) I’m kinda sick, but really craving some Jamaican food delivered lol. I hope this is okay to ask here…? If not, I’ll delete it. But thinking “maybe I should get some stuff with good nutrition that might help me a bit” … don’t think I can afford both along with the beef patties! Is there one in particular that could be more nutritious than the other, or is it just a coin toss? What do you think? Edit: I know this food is not specifically especially nutritious haha. It’s just, this is what I’m going to get because I love Jamaican food so much, so decided to see if there do happen to be some options that have more nutrients than others.

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Thanks, but I’m not THAT sick. Sinus infection I think. Painful but not huge illness. Immune response was dyshidrotic eczema which is painful blisters on fingers and toes so I can’t walk to the store, can’t drive, and don’t have much food in the house with really no protein at all. My own fault for not stocking up. Anyway, it’s not purely for health haha. Though I am getting some chicken soup too, as pretty much everything there is good, and that’s straight-up healthy. It’s just something I’m planning on getting for dinner and since I can’t decide between my favorites anyway, I figure I might as well get what would be the best, a bit more responsible lol if there is one that happens to have significantly more nutrients.


Thanks!! Lol idk if you commented and deleted but this notification kept popping up and deleting and I wanted to thank you. Especially because I do have a sinus infection lol so that would be great, I didn’t think of that :-) the beef patties are a bit spicy too I think, so extra clearing. Lol their dinner menu delivery doesn’t start for 3 hours, can’t wait 😛


I wholeheartedly understand your situation but I don’t know your discomfort, my apologies.

I too suffer sinus issue so I consume spicy dishes a lot and I love them. Cayenne pepper works fine.

Earlier my keyboard got muted constant so I had to delete text as it didn’t come out as intended.


I could take this treatment for a lifetime, spicy foods hit differently.

Without spicy everything is flat so I rather have my food well hott.

But Don’t go getting too curious now, take some time to rest.


Never stew peas, only stewfish as far as stew goes. They sound delicious. The takeout place has them, I think. Unfortunately the only one that delivers near me is not the greatest, I have to add special instructions for no cheese on the beef patties, and they only have beef whereas the one that just does takeout that is a bit far away has vegetable ones and chicken, and I love the vegetable ones too. They have some things that seem a bit touristy to me too, and charge extra for things that come with the meals at the takeout place, like fried plantains. But luckily the takeout place says they’re going to be on DoorDash soon … which is a bit bad for my wallet 😂 I actually have epilepsy though and so have never been allowed to drive, so only ever got there by bus which can’t happen in covid right now. :-/


Thanks! 😊 Yeah, the “US” 😬 what a fake abbreviation. We are not a united “us”. Massachusetts, specifically Cape Cod where lots of tourists come, so that’s why I think the delivery place probably is a tad touristy. Funnily, I actually came here as a kid from another island, Hawaii - “us” but much more island-y food and I prefer salty cuisines with rice the majority of the time over pasta and such. Are you in Jamaica?


Man, you guys got the real heavy food! I hope you get some good Jamaican food there. I gotta tell you, it’s delicious but it was a hell of a shock when I first got stewfish, they made me my plate, and there that fish was, head and eyes and all, not pieces or slices but a straight up fish. It was a little scary not gonna lie, but overall I like the idea of facing the animal you’re eating, acknowledging much more the living creature and not some slices hanging out in a horrible factory farm or cage until you feel like eating. A more honest way of eating.


Thanks. :-) I was thinking too that they’d make it amazingly, stronger/better broth than most American soup. I started wondering if this specific place makes it genuinely since they add cheese to their patties unless I request it without, like a bit Americanized; I’ll have to call them.


Nothing wrong with goat or oxtail as meats. Meats are nutritious.

Just watch out for what it’s cooked in. Avoid all processed ingredients such as vegetable oils and certain seasons.

You can cook these things yourself with fresh herbs and it can be healthy. You can work your way up the ingredients list if you’re having issues with certain ingredients but the base is meat and thats generally not inflammatory.


I’d love to make it myself :-) probably sounds stupid but I never thought of that. It just seems so complicated, like constructing a patty flour container … lol 😂 I think it’s pretty clear the most cooking I’ve done in my life is simple, straight outta the box recipes. But I mean there isn’t any goat or oxtail at a grocery store near me for me to pick up. Maybe I could make patties though 🤔


Oxtail is just cow tail, try a West Indian store or any butcher shop.

Goat can be replaced by sheep. It’s not exactly the same because in jamaica we like to buy goat meat that stink like ram piss 🤣.

I cook pretty lazy and basic. My meat can be only curry powder and salt and that’s fine.

My mom will burn the garlic in some coconut oil before throwing in the curried meat.

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