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I want to go on vacation to Negril but have some questions

So I want to go on a vacation to Negril with my girlfriend but I am not vaccinated. Is this a problem to go to Jamaica? And I heard of the resilient corridor, is it still in effect or not anymore? If it is, can I still go outside of it or Also is Negril nice? How much should I be expecting to pay for food on a day to day basis? There's no food with the hotel package so..


hey i have family from negril and just went back check out my posts for some travel info. negril is lovely you’ll have lots of fun. each meal will most likely cost u less than $10… jamaican patties were $320 jamaican ($3USD about) and a 2 popeyes meals was $12 total

expensive lobster and other seafood can get up to $30 that was the most expensive i’ve seen


for most tourists, the resilient corridor restriction was never a real restriction that affected the everyday…. you’re free to move about within the resilient corridor and the entirety of negril tourism is within that corridor…. where were you thinking of going outside the corridor?


the blue mountains would be an all day trip from negril, negril is the western side of jamaica, blue mountains are eastern side.

anything touristy is accessible. most of the restrictions have been lifted at this point, you won’t feel like you are restricted from anything. for a first trip, travel more than 2 hours to any attraction may not be worth it to you so i’d recommend researching things within that radius for a first trip, otherwise i think you’ll spend too much of the vacation in a car.

look at rasta safari, zimbali retreat, blue hole…. even south coast area may be too much for a first trip (YS falls, treasure beach, pelican bar, bamboo alley, black river safari, etc.) is a nice ride but sort of an all day outing. portland area, port antonio, blue mountains, etc. to me would need to be an overnight not a day trip. too much windshield time from negril.

nine mile, bamboo rafting, and some of the attractions north of mobay and towards ocho rios are also perhaps too far for a first trip. definitely do your research but plan for downtime/do anything time also. there’s plenty to keep you busy in negril for a week between the beach and the west end cliffs. lots to explore, lots of food and bars to check out.