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Vacationing in Lucea

Next week we (Americans) will be staying at a resort in Lucea for 1 week. Anything we should know about the area? Cool must-see stops while we're there? How is the area after the recent hurricane? We're very excited about the trip, but neither of us have been to Jamaica before and don't know what to expect.


Jamaica only got rain from Ian, relatively minimal flooding.

Try to get out of your resort as much as possible! Walk around Lucea, eat in the different restaurants and cook shops, speak with locals, support small local business and buy your gifts to bring home from the locals. Enjoy the real Jamaica, outside of the resort!

Try the porridge for breakfast, a cup of sip, blue drawers if you can find them, oh and make sure to try bammy with fish - the food in Jamaica is so good!

You can take a local route taxi from Lucea to Negril for 200JD per person. You can identify the route taxis by the red license plate and they will say route taxi on the front side with the locations they drive. You can take a route taxi (usually bus) to/from Montego Bay as well for around 250jd.

I am an American in a relationship with a Jamaican, I live in Jamaica too. If you need a tour guide, let me know and I can introduce you. He will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go, Blue Hole, Bob Marleys home, Ganja field tours, the Seven Mile and a lot of local spots you may never think to stop at.

Have a wonderful time in Jamaica! The people are friendly and welcoming! One love!


I don’t suggest that newcomers use the route taxi system - it can be quite the shock to the system and potentially confusing but if it’s something you’d like to try:

1…All taxis (route or private) must have a red license plate. They are specifically licensed and insured to carry passengers. 2…Route taxis have specific markings such as a checkerboard around the roof and their route is printed on the door. Be sure before you get in the car to read the route - if you are going to Negril it should say so or say “Beach road”. Do not get in a route taxi on a different route - there is potential for trouble. 3…If the driver asks to pick up “a friend” off the main road and you are the only ones in the car politely decline and get out of the car if necessary. A tourist in Negril got robbed by not knowing to read the route and allowing the driver to veer off on a lane. As it turned out, the taxi they were in was on a route near Montego Bay. 4…Route taxis are shared rides. They will stop often to pick up passengers and drop them off. They often overload the car or van to the point where you will practically be sitting in the lap of a fellow passenger. Most are not comfortable with this. I’ve always found it charming and have had some great conversations with other passengers as they come and go.

I think that as new visitors hiring a private driver is more comfortable and can be more rewarding as most are very knowledgeable about the area. Enjoy and stay safe!


I took route taxis from the MBJ airport to Negril my first time in Jamaica and every time since. The route taxis in Jamaica are easier than bus routes in Western countries, and the drivers/passengers are always friendly if you need to clarify directions or otherwise.

As a new visitor, choose according to your own experience and comfort level. As a traveler in general, don’t let other people scare you away from what oridnary citizens of the country you are visiting do every single day. Taking chartered taxis or hiring a driver isn’t in the daily budget of Jamaicans, nor is it in the daily budget of all tourists visiting Jamaica.

Humans have brains, they can use them as a rational tool to decide what to do. Wrapping them in bubble wrap is not the answer.


suggest watching you tube vids of lucy. it’s not a typical tourism spot, it’s 98% locals…. but you’re not far from negril which is a major tourism destination and has all you’d expect from that.

lucy downtown is essentially below sea level in rough seas so flooding is a common occurrence but should be okay a few days after the storm surge. i don’t think the west coast got more than rough seas and rain, so not a lot of extensive damage.

assume you are staying at grand palladium which is a massive all inclusive resort so i would fully expect they will discourage you from leaving the resort and claim safety yadda yadda. (that’s just the nature of most all inclusives)

rest assured negril is pretty safe for experienced tourists. 7 mile beach is fantastic for a day trip from lucy. the west end of negril, along the cliffs, has a lot to offer for food and drink with great sunset views. there are typical attractions inland and along the coast between mobay and negril, waterfalls, cenotes, atv rides, zip lines, water parks, etc.

def checkout some youtube vids, a good way to get a lay of the land and a sense of the different attractions, areas, beaches and food…




I hate tourist spots so I love Lucea! Named my daughter after the town. If you’re staying at GP you’re sort of isolated from town. It’s a rough walk into town, but like others have said get a local driver. Don’t get one inside hotel, walk out gate and look for a red license plate (official) cab.


We are on watch for a hurricane in the next week or 2 so make sure to check that out.

South coast is being affected by rain and flooding. There is currently a trough so some parishes experiencing rain and flash floods.

See more info hereweather social

Hanover is not quite the tourist destination but it’s about an hour to hour and a half away from negril with lots of beaches and resorts. It’s also half hour away from Montego Bay, another area with beaches and resorts.There are some local rafting spots in Hanover. (check out rafting at Lethe) It’s one of the milder parishes for activities. Very small too. You may find local swim spots on the coast and some old buildings in the town. Fun fact they just received their first stop light in the parish recently.


Most likely you’re at palladium… where there isn’t much cultural aspects directly outside the resort.. but things to do in Negril if you want some cultural … would have to get driver though.

Lucea is a cove and basically a safe harbour…. However the hotel is on a sharp side of the cove where direct breeze might hit.. but the Hotel should be safe.


It’s a beautiful area with beautiful people. We’ve stayed at the Grand Palladium 7 times in Lucea and we’re even married there. It’s our home away from home. The resort is amazing, but it’s anchored by the amazing people who run it. We’ve went into Lucea a few times and always enjoyed the people and the culture. Be open to trying new things and immerse yourself.