How do I bring my (controlled) medication with me on vacation?

I’m soon visiting Jamaica for a vacation, and can’t find recent info on what I do with my ADHD medication. A trip advisor from like ten years ago is giving me real mixed info. I’m seeing that people “just take it”, or “have never been stopped”, and then others who are like “legally, you need to get a permit”… but, all the contact info I have is outdated. I’m panicking a little. Anyone got any experience with this?

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It is when you don’t have to declare it. But go ahead, declare away and maybe you’ll get out of the airport before you have to fly home lol.

I arrive each winter with a total of 8-10 bags for a 3 month stay and I never declare anything…been doing it this way for over 20 years and have only been sent to the up-your-butt line just a few times.

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