#food · 4 months ago

Rick’s Cafe in Negril live up to the hype?

I hear it’s pricier than local joints. Is it worth it?


What’s to lose? Go for a drink, stay for a meal if you like it. Time it so you’re there before sunset.

I usually go just for a couple drinks at sunset and take off. But I’ve also done the whole book a cabana and spend the afternoon there. Never had a bad time.

But like, if you’re not staying within an hour of there…no, it’s not worth it imho.


It depends what you like. It’s very touristy, and although the cliff diving is fun, you can do that other places. I much prefer Whoopees Park as a chill place with an equal or better view of the sunset.


Cliff jumping 5☆Atmosphere 3☆Food 1☆

IMO, we had a much more relaxing and fun day, as well as the best scenery, at Floyd’s Pelican Bar.

And more adventure, swimming, diving, etc at YS Falls (pack a lunch)

If you are on the south or southwest part of the island, they are each worth a day.


It’s a tourist trap for food and drinks. Cliff diving and swimming in cove is cool but be warned. Cliff diving can be extremely dangerous and life changing if not done right. And no one there teaches you how to do it. If you google there are support groups on Facebook telling stories about how people have broke backs or died doing the jump. Hospital is two hours away and there are no ambulances. And hospital is a 3rd world nightmare. They want 3k cash to be admitted. And if you are really hurt getting airlifted to Florida is 25k. Depending on your insurance you may or may not get it back. Many people do it without injury but hundreds get injured yearly. Many very seriously.

Research how to do cliff dive before doing it. They won’t tell you the proper way to dive. If you dive wrong it can change your life.

Practice on smaller one first.


I was there maybe a decade ago. It was pretty fun I usually recommend it to people going. Still have flashbacks of this 60 year old woman jumping off the cliff and her top flying off and seeing things I never wanted to see.