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The absolute 12 Best Testing Laboratories

Testing Laboratories are used to serve many purposes one mainly being to learn and determine a diagnosis. We put together this list of the 12 Best Testing Laboratories in Kingston, St James and more across Jamaica. Do you need help finding a testing laboratory? Just ask us and we'll find them for you.

AVS Laboratory

876-969-1356    ⚐ 4 Goodwood Terrace Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Animalcare Veterinary Hospital is a full-service, state-of-the-art veterinary hospital providing exceptional care for your pet in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner. Since we opened in 1991, we have proven ourselves to be a pet care provider that pet owners can trust. We aim to give individualised, comprehensive veterinary care within a warm and supportive environment. The ageold saying 'prevention is better than cure' applies to animals as much as it does to people. We offer preventative care with comprehensive wellness check-ups and a balanced approach to vaccinations being standard aspects of what we provide. We offer dental care, personalised puppy and senior wellness examinations, dermatological and cardiac care, parasite screening and control protocols, microchip pet identification, boarding and grooming. Animalcare Veterinary Hospital is also able to carry out a full range of diagnostic services. Our expert vets are aided by modern diagnostic imaging equipment, complete in-house medical testing capabilities, full surgical suite, and a dedicated lab technologist. We also do house calls, pick-ups, and offer emergency services. All our veterinarians and staff truly understand that your pet is an integral part of your family and that your relationship with your pet is unique. Call either of our locations in Kingston or Portmore today.

Barnaby Eng & Testing Servs Ltd

876-929-6111    ⚐ 27 Queens Avenue, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

The company was founded in 1969 by a highly innovative Engineer, Mr. Wilson, Demain and was named Inspection and Testing Services Limited. It was later re-named Reliability Engineering and Testing Services Limited, and more recently was changed to Barnaby Engineering and Testing Services Limited, under the skilled guidance of Mr. Dave Barnaby, the present Managing Director. From inception, Barnaby Engineering and Testing Services Limited established a reputation for quality in its services. Its technical staff has experience and expertise in several areas within the engineering field and is supported by an efficient Administrative Staff and cadre of Specialists, both local and overseas. With a registered staff of Thirty Two persons, the company is equipped to offer a comprehensive range of services to the industrial and commercial sectors islandwide.

Since the beginning of the 1990 s, the company has accelerated its programme of service development, particularly in the area of inspection and testing, by increasing the trainee level of our Technical Staff, and standardizing our inspection produces. We aim to fulfill our motto of Constantly Improving Quality. Its commitment to research, development and quality ensures a bright future for Barnaby Engineering and Testing Services Limited.

Bureau Of Standards Jamaica

876-618-1534    ⚐ 6 Winchester Road Kingston 10

Bureau of Standards Jamaica is a statutory body established by The Standards Act of 1969 to promote and encourage standardization in relation to commodities, processes and practices. Bureau of Standards Jamaica is responsible for facilitating the timely development, promulgation, promotion and implementation of national and regional standards for goods, services, processes and practices.

Consolidated Health Servs Ltd

876-791-3303    ⚐ Shop 12C, Supreme Plaza 14 Institution Dr Santa Cruz

Consolidated Health Services Limited provides high-quality medical services. Founded in 1976, we offer general medicine, dermatology, obstetrics, gynaecology, nephrology, and consultations.

We also have a well-established medical laboratory service with collecting centres at different locations in Mandeville. Our lab services include blood, urine, paternity, and pregnancy testing. We also provide school medical, PAP smear and biopsies, and cancer markers.

At Consolidated Health Services Limited, our mission is to provide affordable, efficient, and courteous services to everyone. With over 43 years of servicing central Jamaica, we aim to continue the high and efficient standards we were founded on - providing high-quality medical services to all our valued patients. For more information, visit our website or give us a call.

Environmental Solutions Ltd

876-978-6297    ⚐ 7 Hillview Ave Kgn 10

Environmental Solutions Ltd has been in business over 18 years. Environmental Solutions Ltd was the first company established in Jamaica to bring an integrated approach to environmental management and development. Environmental Solutions Ltd provides Closure Plans, Development Permitting Support Services, Disaster Management, Emergency Response Plans, Environmental Audits, Environmental Monitoring Services, ESL Imaging Services, Noise Assessment, Quality Management Systems, Sustainable Development Management, Training and General Service.

Jamaica National Agency For Accreditation

876-968-7799    ⚐ 6 Rekadom Avenue, Kingston 10, Jamaica

The Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC) is part of the Government of Jamaica's Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries.

This department caters to, and promotes, business opportunities in export and investment to the local and international sectors facilitating trade and exports, particularly trade in medical tourism. The JANAAC is the national accreditation body of Jamaica and is the only internationally recognised accreditation body in the English-speaking Caribbean offering services to Jamaica, the Caribbean region, and the Americas.

Our services offered are:

Microlabs Ltd

876-926-6108    ⚐ 20 Melmac Ave Kgn 5

Microlabs is a leading provider of laboratory diagnostic services to the island of Jamaica and various international clients.

Microlabs Ltd was started with a team of two medical technologists and an accountant. Microlabs Ltd provides services which include Immunology, Clinical Chemistry, Chemical Pathology, Microbiology - Industrial, Environmental, Clinical, Hematology and Genetics. Microlabs Ltd provides services ranging from screening of infectious diseases to therapeutic drug monitoring. Microlabs has always viewed technology as a way of increasing efficiency. Microlabs Ltd also introduced densitometry scanning of electrophoresis patterns so that physicians could have permanent records of patients ’ results.

Mid Lab

876-923-5875    ⚐ 103 1/2 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 11, St. Andrew

For a complete range of Diagnostic Blood Tests for a smooth blood testing experience Medical & Immunodiagnostic Lab Ltd is completely equipped to provide you with various blood test services. Whether it is for the diagnoses of a health condition or a routine physical examination, you can order your blood test at Mid Lab Ltd.

Our team is committed to delivering excellence in laboratory testing & we are consistent with the best practices for safety, quality, and efficiency. High-Quality Blood Test Solution MID Lab (Medical & Immunodiagnostic Lab Limited) provides the highest quality in blood testing and service.

We offer a complete range of blood testing solutions aimed to help you in the best way possible. Bring any lab request to us, our prices are competitive and we accept all major insurances. Get accurate results promptly. We are completely equipped with state of the art equipment so that the results are completely accurate. Our Laboratory tests assist the Doctors in providing improved patient care. Our tests range from routine testing to highly complex ones, performed by highly trained Medical Technologists.

New Kingston Medical Diagnostics

876-622-6152    ⚐ New Kingston Business Centre, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

At the New Kingston Medical Diagnostics, our Fast Recovery Treatment Centre offers care for arthritis, neck and back pain, Parkinsonism, Multiple sclerosis, Plantar Fasciitis, Asthma, Stroke, pain management and other recovery treatments.

If you have any questions about these or other services, please call our office, and we are happy to answer your questions.

Polygenics Consulting

876-313-0577    ⚐ 16 Camp Road, Kingston 4, St. Andrew

I had a DNA test done here. The client officers were excellent, and professional, especially Olivia and Natalee.

I would recommend this place to anyone wanting personal DNA service at affordable prices.

Scientific Research Council

876-927-1771    ⚐ Hope Gardens Kingston 6 St. Andrew

Scientific Research Council (SRC): Established in 1960, by the scientific Research Council Act of June 16, 1960, the SRC is mandated to foster the development of scientific research, be a repository of scientific information, and facilitate the development, application and transfer and or the improvement of technology of such research for the benefit of all of Jamaica. It also plays a role as an enabler in the creation of new industries and the encouragement of technical processes on a cooperative basis with all stakeholders involved.

The promotion of scientific and technological endeavors are also critical by facilitating training, the implementation of projects, especially in the agro-industrial sector and the conversion of waste to energy.

View our Youtube videos below:

Technological Solutions Ltd

876-632-3245    ⚐ 30-32 Red Hills Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Technological Solutions Ltd is the largest private sector group of scientific personnel in the Caribbean. Technological Solutions Ltd is the first 9001:2000 certified laboratory in the Caribbean.