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Caribbean Genetics

At Caribbean Genetics, we specialize in forensic testing, genealogy and animal ID services, paternity testing, DNA testing and relationship testing. Our testing turnaround is three days. We are an innovative company that has responded to the needs of the Caribbean using state of the art technology, select testing services based on customer needs, and top class customer service. With new instrumentation and technology being continuously implemented, our laboratory is now streamlined to allow for the efficient and high throughput processing of laboratory data with the client being able to get the added value of faster turnaround times. We are committed to providing all our clients with the most accurate testing available in the industry. Our client services are second to none as we embrace each of our clients as a part or our institution which truly distinguishes us from the competition. We have been supporting the region in DNA testing since 2005 assisting thousands of clients who have trusted us with their testing services. We have never failed to produce their results accurately and on time.

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