#citizen · 1 year ago

Is it worth having a baby in America on tourist visa?

Apparently people do this because the US passport is strong (which I know) but the hassle just doesn’t make sense to me. I feel like since the parent(s) can’t get citizenship that way if they are so desperate for a passport they should find an American willing to marry and do so which can bring citizenship for the family. I guess I’m alone in thinking it’s not worth it. Some ppl who I know who did so with their kids are still in Jamaica and don’t give a damn about American culture.


Lots of people from all over the world do this, especially China. It’s not feasible for most when you consider accommodations and living expenses, having to spend 2 to 3 months in the US.

For most, it’s really not about immigration, at least not short term but more of an investment in the child’s future so for this it is worth it.

I know people who were born in the US and raised in Jamaica who have no intention of living in the US, they just travel from time to time. But they did go to state schools in the US for college and such and some even do remote WFH US jobs and are making bank living in Jamaica.


Oh ok. Yea I know some one whose parent had them in the US. 18 years later, they came to state school and had to pay out of state for school because even though they were citizen they weren’t a resident of a state. So they end up paying private university tuition for a public university education.


I know a two people who did this but the child having a US passport was an afterthought.

The primary motivation was quality of care. One of the two was able to skip out on the hospital bill so that adds “affordability’ to the mix I guess.