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Andrea 'Delcita' Wright presents EX Baby Motha

Andrea 'Delcita' Wright presents EX Baby Motha photo jamaica

Andrea 'Delcita' Wright presents a moment of laughter again, staring EX Baby Motha.

She is used to getting laughs whenever she slips into Delcita, the madcap role she has played for over 30 years.

The EX Baby Motha cast is completed by veteran Trudy Campbell, Kai-Alana O' Conner, a sixth-form student at York Castle High School, Calneth Reid, and Derrick Johnson who is described as the energetic newcomer.

Wright's plays are depicted children of broken homes, separated from their parents due to distance jealousy, and disruptive family events.

Delcita is a guidance counselor, she is used to such situations which influenced her 100 percent when writing the EX Baby Motha.

This is another way in which she will display Decita, her unpolished self.

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