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Is it worth getting a dual citizenship?

Hello, American born here looking for some insights. Both my parents were born in Jamaica including my oldest brother. I (24M) have always loved the Island since a child where my mom would occasionally take me there in the summers. I fell in love with land, the people, the beaches, just about everything you can think of. It’s to the point i want and will retire in Jamaica one day. So the point i’m tryna get is, is it worth getting a dual citizenship? Any input would be lovely, thank you!


Do it, if not for yourself for your children - or their children since you can get citizenship via grandparents. I plan to move to and set up business in Jamaica within the not too distant future so I see the £140 I paid for citizenship and a passport as a investment in my future. The bare minimum my Jamaican passport has given me right now is a greater sense of freedom and identity, with added bonus of two passport bougie-ness.

If you have a degree you can work and stay indefinitely in any other CARICOM country too. (CARICOM certificate of skills - other methods to gain it)

There may be places (not many, right now) where your JA passport may get you more favourable visas compared to the US one.

Access to Jamaican social services and schemes

The ability to vote…

I’m riffing atm, but personally I’ve got a great belief in what Jamaica could be and I feel the resources of the increasingly disenfranchised diaspora will play a huge part in that so I’m always going to be an advocate of people stepping in that direction.


To piggyback on this. There’s a few of the “Stan” countries you can visit. You can also visit Russia for 90 days no question. But more importantly, a lot of the South American and Caribbean countries will let you stay longer than with a US passport


>It’s to the point i want and will retire in Jamaica one day.

I’m assuming if you’d like to retire here then citizenship would benefit you. I’m not sure there are other options for living here longer than what a tourist visa affords.

Also, that way you could consider paying into NHT which will make owning a home a little more affordable.


I got mine. I have a few relatives still on the island so I go stay with them and experience the island as a local. I don’t want to retire anywhere but definitely love the freedom to be able to stay in JA for as long as I want. I work remote for some of my clients and it’s a big bonus to get paid US wages while living and spending like a local.


I am also planning on applying for dual citizenship. As someone mentioned, I work remote and the ability to travel and stay as long as I want is a plus. I will eventually relocate as well and will be buying property with my hubby. Traveling to other countries is also a plus.


I plan to apply for mine at the end of the year. My sister has hers and has used it for expedited processing when visiting Jamaica.

I want my daughter to have the option to have citizenship. Three of her 4 grandparents are Jamaican born, but it probably can’t hurt if her father also has verifiable citizenship.

I have been trying to convince her mother to apply as well, but she doesn’t seem interested so far.


Dual Citizenship is very popular for Native American Citizens, Who are wealthy, to exploit tax benefits in other countries and does not affect their current citizenship status. Many Americans purchase real estate through a program call “Citizenship By Investment Program.,” etcetera and gain a second citizenship.

In your case, do some “Due Diligence” such as finding out how can you and your family participate in the Jamaican political process and what are the other benefits of “Dual Citizenship,” etcetera. Good Luck.