#dating · 1 year ago

Getting married in Jamaica

Hi Everyone. I'm a Canadian who was born in Guyana and I would like to get married in Jamaica. My birth certificate doesn't have my father's name on it. Does anyone know if that is a problem? Thanks!


That’s fine and not a problem. You do not need a birth certificate to get married in Jamaica if you have a passport. You might be asked to show your passport to the pastor before the wedding. The easiest way to get the wedding licence is for the pastor to put up a ‘bands’ a week before the wedding. You can meet with the pastor and show him your passports so he can put up the bands and a week later it will be ready for the wedding. During the wedding and signing of the register you can write your own name and your fathers name. The fathers name is not checked to any other documents. The pastor will file the paperwork and present you with a marriage certificate a few days after the wedding. I got married in Jamaica and this is what we did.