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Citizenship by descent help?

Hi, i hope this post is allowed. I’m looking to apply for Jamaican citizenship by descent (Grandparents were born there, and also all my aunties and uncles. My father was the only one born outside of the country). The problem is - when applying the form asks for original copies of birth certificates and passports etc. I don’t know how i would obtain the original versions. Is that something that my grandparents would have kept themselves, or is it kept in a record somewhere? Is there a way to get around this issue if i can’t obtain original copies? I really want my JA citizenship, but with my family emigrating to the other side of the world (UK) and then dying it’s meant a lot of records and documentation have been lost. Does anyone know of a way around this issue?


Thanks, that’s a great start and I’m going to check there! but they would be copies right?

The application form states “originals”. Does the JA gov make exceptions?

Edit: I just tried and unfortunately I can’t use that site. it requires me to already know all of the details on the birth certificate (registration number etc)

Is there a company or organisation that provides support for applications?


When you apply for this you will be getting an original copy. They old versions were just a piece of paper with the information listed.

These are the newer versions of the birth certificate and would be classified as an original (meaning not photocopied)

Copied just means photocopy or a scanned version.


If you’re still struggling I recommend getting in contact with whatever family you have in Jamaica. Often times it’s much easier to just go to a government office and wait and ask questions because very little is online


Are you sure you’re eligible for citizenship? I’m exactly the same as you - grandparents, aunts and uncle born in JA, mother born in UK and I was under the impression I can’t apply. It says on the website your parents have to have been born in Jamaica (not grandparents) but I could be very wrong…



I wouldn’t rely on the information you posted below since it is not what is published by the Passport, Immigration & Citizenship Agency (PICA) which you will be applying to. See PICA’s site for more information:

Also note that the laws referenced by PICA (Nationality Act and the Constitution) mention citizenship by descent through parents, with no mention of grandparents: https://www.pica.gov.jm/citizenship/laws


Hi there,

You unfortunately need their live birth certificate in order to apply. You would need to apply for their birth certificate online as one person said, which could be a long process. If you had parents born in jamaica, access to their certificate would be easier (bc Grandparents and great grandparents are now deceased). Once you have that then you should go book an appointment with your local Jamaican embassy in the UK and process it there. Via mail. Will be a couple pounds and a few weeks until you get your passport. Whoever said go to jamaica doesn’t know how they deal with things on the island lol


Hi I forgot to say also that Once your claim to citizenship is established , then you may apply for the passport after . My comment may have implied the citizenship through descent is a passport, when it is not


Thanks that’s useful advice! I’m headed to Jamaica in august so maybe it’s easier if I wait until I’m there? Is the process fast enough that I could complete it all within 2 weeks over there? (Assuming I have all documentation with me)


Thanks, that’s all so useful! Cheers for sharing the hurdles you came across too, I’ll definitely be checking all certificates to make sure everything matches now ha.

How did you find the correct registry number that you needed to get the birth certificates?