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Jamaica Citizenship Mail or Office

Starting the citizenship process by descent. The PICA site isn't comprehensive and has some knowledge gaps. Don't fancy sending original documents in by mail (assuming mail application is possible), so planning on visiting the PICA office in Kingston. I assume my original documents will be copied on site and returned to me immediately, yes? How have others found the citizenship application process? By mail or in person.


I went through this process last year (in the UK). I took my originals to the Jamaican High Commission office in London.

They only copied the original documents, I didn’t have to send any originals away. And I got them back immediately.

A few things though. Before you go, make sure you have the long form birth certificate from the person you can claiming the citizenship through.

My person only had the original document, which was an A5 sized sheet of paper which was issued at the time of their birth. They sent me away, and I had to apply for the long version. It only took a few weeks arrived, and you apply online for it. I guess you can apply at the office if you are in Jamaica already.

Double check the spellings of all names and make sure that all names match on your birth certificate and the other documents you are using. They need to match to the letter.


Thanks a lot. Yes this is infuriating, and one of the knowledge gaps I mentioned. Some have mentioned something about this in another thread. Getting the number then apply online for the birth certificate.



Check out this video, it helped me a lot to get through the process.

My application took an age to get sorted.

Getting the correct documents. Then there was an issue with another document of mine. Then a lockdown dropped right in the middle.

There was no answer at the UK High Commission when I tried to phone either.

Give me a shout if you need any help though.


I went to the Jamaican consulate in New York City and they inspected and made copies of the documents to send to Jamaica.

You’ll need the long form birth certificare for one parent/person you’re descended from.

Make sure you have two sets of passport size photos if you’re applying for a passport at the same time.


I went in person and got back the documents immediately. It’s a hassle to go in person for me but in the future I’ll be doing everything by mail. I just didn’t want to risk losing my parents birth certificates.