#citizen · 1 year ago

How to sponsor friend for him to get visa?

Hey there, I’m American looking to sponsor my friend so that they can get their visa to travel/visit here. I really want to know the ins and outs of the process. Any info or tips is helpful, thank you!


What kind of visa? A tourist visa doesn’t require sponsor a work visa does. A tourist visa requires them to have some money in the bank in Jamaica a US address and person who will be receiving them where they will be staying, proof of employment in Jamaica proof of where they live family connections basically “Ties” to the country to show they intend on returning to Jamaica. There is no sponsor for a tourist visa as far as I know just marriage visa and work visa require a sponsor.


It won’t help. The only thing that will help is if their “situation has drastically changed” that’s from the embassy literature. Meaning a new job or new living situation. It’s really about proving that you intend to return to Jamaica. If they lie about anything and get found out chances are they won’t be approved in the future, jail record won’t be approved, no money in back account or job letter, won’t be approved.