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Is Smith and Cross rum a good suggestion for my Jamaican friend?

I live in Canada where we don’t have a great selection of alcohol. I have a Jamaican friend who likes Wray & Nephew (as do I, though I can’t drink it straight like him yet haha) Smith and Cross has just hit our shelves and i bought it and tried it in a drink and loved it. I was just wondering if it was a good rum to suggest for him if he likes Wray since it’s the closest thing to that here really.


Smith and Cross isn’t sold in Jamaica as far as I know, so most Jamaicans wouldn’t know it. I’ve tried it and liked it, but it’s pretty different from W&N… that said, you’re right that it’s probably the most similar to W&N of options you have. The most similar rums to Wray are Rum-Bar Overproof, Rum Fire, Charley’s JB, JBW, or Monymusk…. but those are usually harder to find overseas than Wray and Nephew itself.


Correct, Smith & Cross is distilled in Jamaica (Hampden Estates) but unfortunately not sold there. It doesn’t have much in common with Wray & Nephew besides being overproof, in my opinion.

However, it is one of the few dark overproof rums on the market and among the best. (try it in a Jungle Bird sometime!)

Another solid dark overproof is Plantation OFTD (oh funk, that’s delicious) although it is not 100% Jamaican rum.

Cheers! 🍹🇯🇲✌🏽


We like Wray & Nephew overproof, Appleton & Red Stripe.

Rum Bar rum is acceptable to drink at an all inclusive party that is sponsored by rum bar - because its literally the only thing there is to drink. Then we leave & buy Wray & Nephew or Appleton


It’s not about the taste of the rum per se. It’s about brand recognition & Jamaican pride. Same way Scotsmen don’t drink Irish whiskey- they drink scotch. Jamaica is infamous for Appleton or Wray & Nephew. There are other rums that are far superior but a yaadman nuh care


Just clarify wray and nephew is the mfg. Appleton I think is a subsidiary of Wray and Nephey. The way I’ve understood it is the overproof white rum that wray and Nephey makes with water is a great way to get drunk, cure a cold and tune a drum. Appleton is for when you want to sip and impress your friends