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Jamaican Holiday

Heading to Jamaica for the first time for 10 days in May. Staying in Montego Bay. English couple, ~30. What are the best things to do, see, experience etc? For sure going to spend some time relaxing and doing nothing, but I love experiencing culture. Any ideas? Much love. Edit : already read the posts on generous tipping. Will be partaking.


Have not been yet but my husband is Jamaican and we will also be there in May. Some of the things he’s wanting to take me to do are river rafting, visiting some of the beautiful waterfalls, YS falls is one im most excited to see. For history he recommends checking out Rose Hall great house since you will be close to that, also suggests if possible for you guys get over to Negril to check out seven mile beach. Hope you have an amazing trip!


I hope you did All Inclusive, there are some great deals - we got all inclusive, adult only for $355/night.. We’re going there again in March, it will be my third time. My GF was born in MoBay

Sunset at Ricks Cafe in Negril is a mustHip Strip - Margaritaville specificallyChukka Caribbean AdventuresDuns River FallsRiver Rafting

Roadside stands that sell Jerk Chicken are delicious. If you ask for a beer, they will give you a Red Stripe, it’s pretty good beer - very light, you can drink a ton of them. You have to try a beef patty, they’re fantastic. Jerk pork is another treat.


It’s our very delayed honeymoon, so all inclusive at secrets. Very excited.

I think an excursion to negril is on the cards, it’s an hour or so each way but from the sounds of it, we’ll worth it.

We’ll be heading into mobay at least once, so 100% getting roadside jerk chicken.

Big rum and beer drinker so defo on red stripe and any local rums.

Adding chukka, duns and river rafting to the list.


I stayed at Secrets Saint James in August, the place was awesome, we absolutely loved it.

Morelando works one of the bars at the pool is great! If you tip him well the first time you see him, your drink will never be empty and he will hand you a beer as soon as he sees you. Bring cash to the beach with you as they will bring you drinks, even in the ocean. Appleton is local rum and it is good stuff and I don’t even really like rum..


I always tip in US. I meet a bartender when I first arrive, ask them if they will be there every day until (insert your departure date here) and palm them a $20 and let them know when they when they see my face, just get me a beer and I’ll tip again at the end of my tip. If there is a line of people at the bar, they just see me and while they are doing whatever they are doing, they just hand me a beer and I shortcut the line. I hand them another $20 or $30 at the end of the trip.


I’m also going this year. delayed honeymoon too! Are there any specific vaccinations (other than covid) you need for entry that you are aware of? This is probably a dumb question but its the furthest away I will have ever been so im very much not familiar with it.