#music · 1 year ago

Popular Jamaican nursery rhymes or songs

My pre k class is learning about Jamaica. Are there any songs or nursery rhymes that are popular that children in Jamaica learn? We would like to show the class some videos and teach them a little bit about the culture. Anything is helpful.


Oh no! I’m honestly not too familiar with what it’s going on politically. Can you please give me some educational facts that are appropriate for three, four and five year olds that I can teach to the children?


It’s more culturally that we’re lacking.

That aside, the national song ‘I Pledge My Heart’ was sampled from the British ‘I Vow To The My Country’.

Both are really lovely and as a kid I preferred that song to the anthem and the national pledge, but knew all of them by heart and proudly join in wherever and whenever I hear them.