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Caribpest Control & Pesticide (Health) Consultants Ltd

Caribpest Control & Pesticide (Health) Consultants Ltd is Jamaica's leading termite experts. We are known to be the best in termite technology and quality service. We have been providing superior termite pest control and management treatment options and packages for over 30 years. At Carib Pest, we apply the best, safest and most effective pesticide and non-pesticide formulations in your home or business. Our scientifically tested solutions have been developed in accordance with the safety standards of the Pesticide Control Authority (PCA). Utilising the highest quality electronic sensors and equipment, we provide comprehensive inspection and testing services to detect the source and severity of the infestation quickly and accurately. This allows us to design a treatment programme, so that infestation prone areas are appropriately treated. Our anti-termite services can be combined to offer comprehensive rapid kill, all-penetrating gas fumigation, premixed residual protective formula packages and fatal attraction nest baits. We ensure that the risk of recurrences, the development of new infestations or situations that encourage regeneration and reinfestation are eliminated and barred. As veterans in our industry, we determined that an awareness of an integrated, environmentally conscious approach to pest control produces exceptionally safe and effective results. We have placed great emphasis on incorporating organic and eco-friendly products into our regime and have strategically sought out alternative treatments and management procedures. While termites and other pests can cause significant damage to your home, the inhalation of noxious fumes (asphyxiant, methane gas emitted by termites) can be also harmful. At Caribpest, we offer methane gas leak detection services that will protect our clients from extensive exposure to any harmful gases and safeguard against damage caused by potential fires. We utilise Gazomat portable laser gas leak detectors to conduct scans that can precisely pinpoint traces of methane gas at distances of up to 160 feet and even through glass. So, whether you just need a routine termite or pest inspection, or our pre- or post-job evaluation, give us a call! Caribpest Control & Pesticide (Health) Consultants Ltd … Jamaica's #1 termite experts for the best in termite technology and quality service!

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