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Any favorite Patwa songs?

I’m attempting to build a playlist of Patwa songs and want some help locating some gems.


Dwl the question asked is like asking what’s your favorite flavor of air. Patwa is in all kind of music. I personally love when drum and bass producers will sample some old old 80s dancehall , but most patwa is a language…. You’ll find it anywhere.


In the field of linguistics, yes. There’s a movement to recognize all human languages as equal. When you disparage a language as “broken down”, you disparage the people.

In the real world it is usually a different perspective. Jamaican music is known world wide and is very established so it’s like going to the Brazil sub and asking for music in Portuguese. Sure but what kind? I’ll tell you my favorites.

In a place like San Basilio de Palenque, for example, there’s not much music in lengua that has made it to the mainstream. Ma kuagro is one of my favorites. It’s a tiny community and it’s a language spoken by only a few hundred people.

I’m not Jamaican and I have no connection to the island or the culture. (Sorry for being off topic.) I’m here because I plan on studying Patois once I get to a more advanced level of my other languages.


Thanks, and respond to your last bit, that is the exact same reason I am hear as well. I’m currently knee-deep in Spanish, Japanese, and other stuff—but I’m putting together a playlist of music to help me get used to the sounds so when I have free time I can add the language to my “list.”


Others have mentioned genres already but I find that some universally great songs are Who knows by Protoje and Chronixx, welcome to Jamrock by Damian Marley, literally anything by Sean Paul but you can start with Get Busy, Temperature, gimme the light & give it up to me.

A newer song was on Dj Khaled’s album called Where You come from (the song and the album have the same name)


>Patwa songs

What is a patwa song? Lol the genres are ska dancehall, reggae and roacksteady. There are a few more though.

My favourite patwa songs are anything by vybz kartel, koffee, shaniel Muir, spice, jr gong masicka, supercat, Beenie man and bob Marley