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Murray's Fish & Jerk Hut

There are many, many jerk centres in Jamaica. So, what is so special about Murrays? It is all in the taste! What many might not know is that the business started as a fish farm promoting tilapia. As the demand for the fish grew it necessitated seats and tables to enjoy the fare... the rest, as they say, is history. Today, it's less about tilapia, although the steamed fish is still a winner, but more about the jerk pork, chicken, rabbit and sausage. You will discover the aroma-rich Indian curried goat complete with roti, is worth a daily visit! Yes, it is that good. The jerked rabbit, seasoned to perfection and further enhanced with the bold flavours of pickled vegetables, is equally tasty. You have asked for it, and we now serve oxtail from Thursday to Saturday and don't forget our mouth-watering stew peas. After a tasty meal, it will be difficult to leave, and for sure you will come again and again

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